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Boat Bottom Paint Blister Blues

Applying the second coat of Tough Stuff. Photo by Devi Sharp

We have owned Arctic Tern, an Island Packet 45, since December 2005 and have applied the antifouling paint on the bottom since the first haul out in the summer of 2006. I have always been lucky about getting advice from …

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Boat Paint Application Guide for Top Coats

Boat Paint Tutorial The All At Sea team has been busy shedding some light on the confusing and intimidating process of painting your boat – both Bottom Paint and Top Coat. Below find two sections on boat paint to help …

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Bottom Paint Application Guide

Step-by-step Independent Application Guide to Boat Bottom Paint   Keeping crud off the bottom of a boat has been a problem for mariners … well, probably since before recorded history. From oil to tar; from tin and copper sheeting to …

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Whats NEW at the Caribbean Boatyards

Boatyards throughout the Caribbean offer everything from routine maintenance to extensive haul-out facilities and services for sail and power boaters. Here's a sample of ‘What's New' in yards on a number of islands.

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Sailors Work for Clean Caribbean Seas

Sailors for the Sea is a nonprofit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts that educates and empowers boaters to protect and restore our oceans and coastal waters through our programs and projects, the oldest of which is Clean Regattas

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Top 2009 Trend: Yacht Charter Industry Goes Green

Sun, sand and sea are key elements to a charter yacht vacation. It’s no wonder then that the industry is trending toward a variety of ways to protect these natural assets and going ‘green’ in the process. Narendra ‘Seth’ Sethia, …

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On the Hard in St. Lucia

It’s our first morning in the boatyard and we wake up even before the roosters start crowing and chasing the hens.  Dogs in the yard begin barking.  Lionel starts the electric sander at daybreak; this man is not making friends …

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Antifouling Paint Today

There have been so many changes to the antifouling paint technology and legislation that most people are pretty confused. Everyone became very fixated with the existence of tin in paints and quickly came to the conclusion that tin was the …

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The Latest in Antifouling Paint

Autumn is bottom paint season in the Caribbean as recreational boaters get ready to re-launch boats pulled out during hurricane season and charter yachts gear up for winter season guests.  All at Sea checked in with major paint purveyors to …

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