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RUM REVIEW: Frigate Reserve 15 Year Old

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We are liking the new liquor store that opened up in our neighborhood. Their rum stock is so full of undiscovered rums it’s hard to decide where to start. This month we were drawn to the bird proudly soaring on the label of the rum. We couldn’t wait to soar into the story of Frigate Reserve.

The idea for Frigate began when friends were sitting around a fire in Abaco, Bahamas smoking cigars, sipping rum and reflecting on life. The conversation turned to rum itself and how it was increasingly difficult to separate a good rum from a bad.  That night they felt it their job, no their duty, to create a fine sipping rum.

The friend’s crusade led them to Panama where they met with Don Pancho Fernandez, best known as the “Cuban Minister of Rum.” Pancho produces a classic-leaning style of rum done in the Cuban tradition. After hearing the friend’s mission, Pancho opened his Reserves where they began with the 21 year old, blending together thousands of combinations to find the perfect rum. Once perfected, Frigate used the exact recipe to create the 15, 12 and eight year old.

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The name Frigate was an easy decision for the friends. The bird is known as an omen of good fortune to fishermen and spends months in the air over the ocean seeking food and a dry place to land. The friends live their lives in search of uncharted endeavors. Their motto “Live on the Wings” is on every bottle of Frigate Rum.

He Said

This has a very spicy nose with cloves and a slight hint of black pepper. The palate is very smooth with a slow release of different notes. The front of the palate is toasty and nutty with toasted molasses, toasted almond, and the char from the barrels. The spice notes return on the backside of the palate and continue to the finish. For me this presents like a spiced rum. I’m enjoying how it hangs with me for quite a while.

She Said

The golden color coats the glass but doesn’t have a lot of legs. I’m not sure where Clint is getting all this spice from on the nose. Orange, soft baking spices, apple and a slight hint of vanilla fill my senses. The rum has a really nice mouth feel coating the palate like honey without the added sweetness. Once the rum opens up, there is a punch of spice with hot cinnamon candy, cloves and the undertone of apple. Those notes carry to the finish which, for me, doesn’t stay nearly as long as Clint’s.  Actually I enjoy the nose which keeps me there to explore.


Our contradicting reviews speaks to the complexity of Frigate Reserve 15. At $48/bottle there is something to explore at every turn. One dollar of every bottle sold goes to getting Abaco back on its feet after Dorian.

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