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I am in love with words. The thrill of finding that one, idyllic word is not only addicting, but sets an obsession in my heart. I tirelessly hunt the corners of my mind- old SAT prep vocabulary? Merriam-Webster’s Word of The Day from last week? That one obscure descriptor my dad insisted I knew in fifth grade? When that word is discovered, my brain rejoices! “I’ve found it! It’s perfect!” Like a lost piece in a puzzle; an unearthed treasure.

I try my hardest not to play favorites- how can you assign worth or disvalue to a word that in one sentence could be more ideal than others? No, all words are valuable- big or small; short or long; one syllable or 10. But one day I discovered zeitgeber.

Close Encounters

ZEITGEBER :  noun \

: An environmental agent or event (as the occurrence of light or dark) that provides the stimulus setting or resetting a biological clock of an organism

: German, from Zeit, meaning “time” and Geber, meaning “giver.”

Time giver. Giver of time. That one thing we cannot change, alter, transfer, purchase, return, exchange, steal, gift, or take back- and yet there is a word that offers it freely. Resets everything, makes for a do-over. That, in my little brain, is a perfect word.

Domino Effect in the Caribbean

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All this was racing through my head just a few days ago as I began my morning outside Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. As soon as we had dropped our anchor, I was ogling the beach just a few kicks away, unable to find the time to visit it just yet. So I waited. I made a plan. That gorgeous sunset that happens every evening as our earth rotates itself out of the sun’s reach (one zeitgeber) set off my internal countdown clock for a welcoming sunrise (another zeitgeber) would begin a new day. I slept; I woke. I swam in; stretched; and intentionally greeted the day. All the while, that word that provides me the gift of moments was dancing on the tip of my tongue. How perfect to have a new start everyday.

And a word to describe it.

Cruising Tales: Bermuda – The Devil’s Isles

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Megan and Ernie Schlobohm
Megan and Ernie Schlobohm
Ernie and Megan are a husband/wife, captain/chef team, owning and operating the classic 65-ft Privilege sailing Catamaran, Lolalita, in the Virgin Islands. Ernie is a 1600GT All Oceans USCG Master with 16 years in the charter yacht industry. Megan is a Georgia girl, serving as gourmet chef onboard their charter yacht. They are both NAUI Dive Instructors as well. Yacht Lolalita is fully equipped for sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, gourmet cuisine, and creating lasting memories with friends and families on a luxury vacation.

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