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Communication at Sea

Now where was that signal? Photos by Birgit Hackl and Christian Feldbauer

Nowadays a broadband connection at home is standard for almost everyone in the Western world. Smartphones enable people to be online wherever they are all day long to inform Facebook friends about everything they are doing, Google for information, or …

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Satellite Messengers Get HELP when out of Range

Photo: Glenn Hayes

In a recent edition of All At Sea we discussed Emergency Positioning Beacons (EPIRBs) and Personal Location Beacons (PLBs) but there is also another option of emergency communication known as satellite messengers. In a life-threatening situation, having a way of …

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Theft Alert Satellite Tracking Devices

The Spot Trace has coverage across the globe as seen in the coverage map above.

So you spent a lot of your hard earned money on your toys and cringe at the thought of someone taking them from you. The simple fact is that theft of boats and other big boy/girl toys are on the …

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