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The Right Bait Wins the Catch

Please meet the ladies who don’t just fish; they catch too! From left to right: Deirdre Burford, Grace Knight, Boni Carstarthen, A J Crowe, and Vicki Hall. Each fisher is holding a fist-full of black sea bass!

Inshore Although the spotted seatrout has been a little unpredictable over the last few months, May is the month that changes everything! By the time May rolls around, the spotted seatrout bite is joined up with the flounder bite meaning …

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Want a Trophy Redfish? NOW is the Time!

David Miller holding the rod that caught the fish, and his son Christopher holding his father’s fish!

By the time the month of January rolls around the migrating inshore fish are gone, and everything left has gone into hibernation. Spotted sea trout are wintering in deep holes in the creeks, rivers or sounds, so the best way …

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December Fishing Report 2013

Take a look at the inside of a spotted sea trout’s mouth. Those two canine teeth are what the trout use to grab a shrimp, spin it around, and toss it down the hatch.

Inshore During the month of December the fish are biting fast in an effort to bulk up for the quickly approaching cold weather patterns.  It’s a great time to be a weather watcher, as the inshore bite will really get …

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Fishing Report: November’s Savannah Slam!

Mike McAvoy is proud of his gag grouper, which he reeled in just before a shark took a bite out of it!

When the month of November rolls around, the inshore bite certainly picks up for what’s called the “Savannah Slam”…Red fish, spotted sea trout, and flounder. The secret to catching more inshore fish in these fall months is to use live …

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Fishing Big Bull RedFish Out For Fall Migration

Tyler and Thomas Lloyd are holding up what is known as a Trophy Redfish. After a solid 20-minute fight, the 48 inch redfish was tagged and released. Photo by Captain Judy Helmey

The month of October offers fishermen a bigger bite scenario. Inshore fishermen get to experience the big bull redfish migration, which starts taking place this month. These monster redfish start their migration pattern from where they have been holing in …

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