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Sandy Spirits: Beach Bars That Rock

Sandy Spirits: Beach Bars That Rock Keep your head down - Sunset Beach Bar, St. Maarten. Photo by Jan Hein

A beach and a bar form a perfect union. Working together, they create a venue where thirsty clients can heat up and cool down while enjoying a watery view. However, they’re not created equal – these bars on the beach – …

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The Secrets of Sandy Ground

Sandy Ground. Photo by Jan Hein

Anguilla’s Road Bay is a wide, lazy sweep of clear water colored every shade of Caribbean blue. It’s lightly populated by local fish and fun boats, a handful of cruisers, the daily dozen bare boats, an occasional mega yacht and …

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The Sea Glass and Mermaid’s Tears

Photo By Rosie Burr

Sea glass are pieces of broken glass that have made their way into the waterways of the world. Sailors folklore tells the story that the sea glass are the tears shed by mermaids caused by the jealous wrath of Neptune …

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