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Ten Lighthouses to Visit in the Caribbean

Caribbean lighthouses : Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Photo: Dean Barnes

Lighthouses have  long captured seafarers’ imagination as well as warned them away from dangerous coasts. Here is a sampling of ten historic fun-to-visit lights. 1. Grand Turk Lighthouse, Turks & Caicos Built in 1852, the 60-foot (18m) tall light is …

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Barbados Old Brigand Rum Regatta

Old Brigand Rum Regatta : CSA Class winner, Ralph Johnson’s Rapajam. Credit: Andre Williams

Great sailing conditions, with flat seas, bright sun and breezes averaging 15 knots with an occasional 20 knot gust and 20 degree shift to keep sailors on their toes, set the scene for the inaugural Barbados Old Brigand Rum Regatta. …

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