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BVI Helps out with Grenada Hurricane Relief Efforts

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Our islands have been busy helping with hurricane relief efforts. Eight relief workers left for Grenada to aid nurses and doctors there. “The Department of Disaster Management sent one emergency telecommunications manager, two members from the supply management team, three nurses, one doctor and one psychologist,” reported Sharleen Dabreo, director. The department, in conjunction with a local churches and businesses, also sent extra food, clothing, water, medical supplies and about $3,500 worth of medication. Alex Jeffery stated, “We’re going to provide whatever help we can. We are taking supplies & support to their medical staff and to anyone else who needs it. We will stay as long as we are needed.”

The BVI also sent relief to the Cayman Islands in the form of five police officers dispatched from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force. Commissioner Reynell Frazer stated that, “This goodwill gesture is in response to an urgent appeal from the Cayman Islands government for additional police assistance during their crisis.” The BVI government has sent $30,000 to Grenada, and $10,000 to both Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Donations are also being collected by a variety of organizations throughout the BVI – the BVI Electricity Corporation has sent a 5-member team to the Bahamas to assist with the restoration of electrical supply.

Cable & Wireless has set up a $1M fund for hurricane victims with their employees, worldwide, sending additional private donations to the fund. Monies collected will be used to support efforts to provide relief to rebuild local communities in Grenada, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands where Cable & Wireless employees live and work.

Our hats are off to all of these terrific humanitarians.Good for them!

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As unbelievable as it sounds, a cast & crew of 150 TV workers embarked on the small island of Virgin Gorda recently to begin filming FOX’s new reality show, “The Billionaire.” Organized by Sir Richard Branson, the owner of Necker Island, BVI, professionals unloaded their diverse equipment at Leverick Bay and then proceeded to get directly into “island time” in both partying and limin’.The program is set to air in November on the Fox network but reports are very secret due to the extreme amount of competition that exists between the reality shows. The crew filmed in London, Tokyo, Morocco and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe before the grand finale filmed on Necker Island. I’ve heard there will be no “bug eating” in the series, as featured in NBC’s Fear Factor, but there is a high probability of an “extreme” helicopter stunt.Most of the sailors that I know are planning on converging at the “big screen” in one of our many local hangouts to watch the event. I’ll let you know next month the exact date and time.


Renowned coral researcher, Dr. Charles Sheppard from the University of Warwick, visited the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College recently to lecture on the condition of coral reefs throughout tropical waters. He stated that high sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) (and similar catastrophes that have killed over 90% of shallow-water corals in the Indian Ocean) may be only 10 years away for
our area – a lot sooner than previously thought. The major concern is that generally higher sea temperatures will not allow the reefs to regenerate due to global warming caused by man’s emission of so-called greenhouse gases, mostly from the burning of fossil fuels. International efforts to halt or slowing up these emissions have been upset by several countries, most notably the US, and the oil industry. This is even more reason for American expatriates living in the Caribbean to vote by absentee ballot.

Have a good month and again congratulations to the Kennans for the new look for AAS.


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