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CSA’s Innovative Dinghy Sailing Initiative: Caribbean Unity Through WhatsApp

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Revolutionizing Caribbean Dinghy Sailing: CSA’s WhatsApp Group Initiative

Sailing Together

Dinghies aren’t new in the Caribbean. However, more and more islands have launched dinghy programs designed to introduce residents of all ages and abilities to the joys of sailing. Now, the Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) has introduced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bringing these programs together to share knowledge, skill development and enhance mutual attendance. Best of all, it’s all in the palm of a hand. It’s a dedicated WhatsApp group.

“It is so important to share knowledge amongst each other. We are all facing the same challenges, some programs are bigger, and some programs are smaller. Knowledge on how to raise funds, manage programs, what kind of boats to purchase, maintenance tips, safety policies, and international/national valid sailing diplomas – these are the building blocks that can strengthen the entire Caribbean dinghy sailing community. By learning from each other, we can collectively overcome obstacles and elevate our programs to new heights,” says Saskia Revelman, manager of the St. Maarten Yacht Club and CSA board member.

Key Objectives

  • Knowledge Sharing: Exchange valuable insights on fundraising, program management, and maintenance.
  • Skill Development: Learn from the successes and challenges of fellow programs to improve training and coaching methods.
  • Safety First: Discuss and establish regional safety standards and policies for dinghy sailing.
Saving the Blue Means Going Green
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Joining Forces

The CSA’s initiative aims to connect the dots between various dinghy sailing programs, creating a network that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Open Invitation

  • Who Can Join: Sailing programs, instructors, coaches, and anyone passionate about dinghy racing in the Caribbean.
  • How to Join: Contact Saskia Revelman at saskia@smyc.com for registration details.
  • Expected Outcomes: A more cohesive, informed, and skilled dinghy sailing community ready to take Caribbean sailing to new heights.

Navigating Towards a Brighter Future

The CSA’s WhatsApp group for dinghy sailing is more than just a communication tool—it’s a catalyst for growth and excellence in Caribbean sailing. As members connect, share, and learn, the winds of progress are set to propel dinghy sailing into a thriving and dynamic future.

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Carol M. Bareuther, RD, is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands based marine writer and registered dietitian.

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