Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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YachtAid Global Grows Sea Legs in Non-Profit World

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Patrons Can Now Make Tax-Deductible Donations to Charitable Yacht Organization Benefiting Underprivileged Children Worldwide

YachtAid GlobalTM—also known as YAG—an organization that coordinates the delivery of humanitarian and development aid to underprivileged children in coastal communities by way of the Superyacht fleet, was recently approved as a project under the Congressional District
Programs, Inc. (CDP). CDP is a registered 501(c)(3) that extends its public charity status along with its
administrative resources to cover a variety of charitable organizations. The arrangement is commonly
referred to as a fiscally sponsored program. As a CDP project, YachtAid Global essentially gains an
administration team and can allow its patrons to make tax-deductible donations to its causes without

“We originally formed YAG as an extension of my personal interest in giving back. We were surprised to
see queries for how people can help and donate to the cause,” said Captain Mark Drewelow, founder and
executive director of YachtAid Global. “We wanted to match their generosity with as many benefits as we
could find for them, and CDP was able to give us the capacity to do so.

“YachtAid Global was founded in 2006 as a charitable offshoot of Drewelow’s company, C2C, Inc., a firm
based in San Diego that provides a broad spectrum of solutions to Superyachts. C2C is considered the
authority on how to successfully cruise the Panama to Alaska waters on any size Superyacht. Through
C2C and interacting with owners, captains and crew, he saw how receptive they were when presented
with the YAG concept and objectives. As more and more owners and crew enlisted their support,
admired by the ease of execution, YachtAid Global was born.

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“It seemed like a natural fit: C2C would use its network of contacts to manage logistics for getting supplies
to underprivileged children in coastal communities, and the superyachts could simply act as a vessel of
transport—they were already heading that anyway,” said Drewelow. “The concept clicked, and it became
our tagline, ‘changing the world without changing course’.”

The process from getting aid on a yacht to the benefiting organization is coordinated in advance by YAG.
YAG Ambassadors select and pre-screen locations to receive aid. Yachts delivering supplies work with
the local YAG Ambassadors who are currently operational in places such as Easter Island, Belize City,
Panama, Alaska, Mexico and Indonesia. The YAG Ambassador acts as the interface between the yacht
and the facility ashore.

Over time, YachtAid Global has refined its operations and developed varying levels of involvement for
owners, guests, captains and crew, while staying true to its tagline.

Since YachtAid Global’s inception, Drewelow has dedicated a portion of C2C’s revenues to fund YAG
projects around the world. Drewelow coined the term "zero-profit" to describe YAG’s status because the
term “non-profit” did not properly apply. With the help of CDP’s fiscal sponsorship, YachtAid Global can
now accept outside donations, sponsorships and hold fundraisers all in the name of providing the
resources children in third world countries need.

"The YAG model fits so well with our operations that it’s a natural part of what we do—we get all our client
yachts involved in bringing desperately needed supplies to Komodo and Raja Ampat National Parks," says Dr. Cilian Budarlaigh of Indo Yacht Support, a shore support company based in Bali. "Being able to
accept tax-deductible donations will be a big step toward garnering the funds we need to bring aid to the
remote islands of the world."

To be accepted as a project under the CDP, YachtAid Global had to have a reliable team of industry
leaders that would provide direction for the organization and a proven method of consistent success at
meeting its objectives.

Key volunteers who make up the team leaders are:

Captain Mark Drewelow, Founder and Director: Mark provides overall leadership and strategy for
YachtAid Global. Having spent 20 years at sea, sailing over a quarter million miles on luxury yachts
around the world, it was his memorable interaction with the locals that inspired him to give back the
most. He currently works as the founder and CEO of C2C which provides a broad spectrum of
solutions to luxury yachts. Mark is considered an expert in solving Superyacht operational issues and
specializes in cruising patterns in the Eastern North Pacific waters.

Scott Gillespie, Director of Business Development: Scott provides active support to YAG with the
donation of his time, resources and his well established worldwide network of business associates.
His active participation brings new opportunities to YAG and accomplishes goals for the organization.
Scott is currently founder/director of the Jigsaw Group a boutique entity that specializes in
practical solutions for early stage enterprises looking to become global. The Jigsaw Group is
a business accelerator, which aligns capabilities, with resources and opportunities. Scott is based in

Leah Yam, Director of Public Relations: Leah manages all public relations for YAG and interfaces
with the media to bring greater awareness of YAG and its causes. She currently works as the
communications director at Marine Group Boat Works, a superyacht repair facility in San Diego with a
665-ton lift. She has a degree in business administration from the University of Southern California,
and is involved in various non-profits throughout her local community.

Dhardra Blake, Director of Events: Dhardra manages fundraisers and events for YAG. Her
background involves sales, marketing, media and events for companies such as ESPN, Brown-Forman (makers of Jack Daniels), an internet marketing company as well as various political
campaigns. She has extensive experience in yachting and currently serves as the director of charter
marketing for JustYachtRentals.com, a new company that specializes in chartering luxury yachts by
the day in the South Florida area.

Also characteristic of YAG is its embrace of green concepts. YAG is a purely virtual entity with operations
conducted electronically. There is no office, no paid staff, no overhead and no footprint beyond the use of
internet bandwidth and human energy.

"Being able to achieve this operational status is a badge of honor, and we believe the simplicity of our
model will become a viral trend one day," said Drewelow. "I challenge people to use their energy and
their access to bandwidth, get out there and YAG."


YachtAid Global is a charitable project of Congressional District Programs, Inc. – a registered 501(c)(3)
public charity. Donations to YachtAid Global are tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the fullest
extent allowed by law. Please see the CDP website, www.cdprograms.org, to view all charitable, financial,
solicitation, and registration documents. For more information about YachtAid Global, how to get involved
or how organizations can become a beneficiary, contact Captain Mark Drewelow at (619)630-4626,
[email protected] or visit www.yachtaidglobal.org.

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