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Top Gifts For The Boater

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It is that time of year again and if you are like me you struggle to come up with good gifts for your boating friends and family. They either seemingly have all the equipment they could possibly need or they will just re-gift or set in a corner your well thought out but not needed gift. Well not this year. There are some products out there that combine the cool-got to-have-it factor along with a useful purpose aboard – gifts that their friends will envy and want aboard their boats.

  1. E Searider Medium Armchair Beanbag, Solid White
    E-SeaRider's teardrop beanbag, a comfy seating solution.
    E-SeaRider’s teardrop beanbag, a comfy seating solution.

    The E-SeaRider beanbag deck chair is an extremely comfortable marine grade chair that due to the materials that it is made from and its design takes the jolts out of any ride out at sea and so makes for a very comfortable ride. Not only when you are underway are these chairs comfortable but they also make a great place to sit while at anchor or even at the sandbar or beach, as they are completely mobile and lightweight and will not get damaged when wet. Made from high-grade marine vinyl these chairs are available in several designs, with the most popular being the teardrop model. This chair has a high back that offers back, neck and head support and comes in medium and large sizes. It is available in all-white or can be custom manufactured in the USA in a wide variety of solid or two tone colors. All of the seats come with a no-fault lifetime guarantee. The full line is available for viewing and ordering at www.e-searider.com.

  2. Vaavud Wind Meter For Smart PhonesYou use your smart phone for lots of things onboard (phone calls included). Wouldn’t it be nice to have it be an onboard weather station with accurate wind speed? Well, now you can thanks to Vaavud’s wind meter. Just click it into the jack on the iPhone/iPad or Samsung Galaxy, run the app and you are off to the races. It’s a simple design that is electronics free and works by communicating with the magnetic field sensor in the smart phone. The meter can record winds from 4 to 45 knots and is accurate to a fraction of a knot. It comes complete with a case and carabineer to carry it out in the field or on the water. Details are available at www.vaavud.com.
  3. Flir First Mate Ii Hm 224 Basic Handheld Thermal Night Vision CameraHave you ever wished you could see in the dark or in the thick of fog? I’m sure you have seen those thermal imaging cameras on yachts that allow them to navigate with ease in low visibility conditions. Well, now that technology is available in a portable unit that can travel with you from boat to boat. The Flir First Mate II allows you to have thermal vision in the palm of you hand and to take it anywhere you go. Set up as a monocular you simply hold it up to your eye and press the button. The thermal imagery cuts through darkness, fog, weather and blinding rain and allows you to see a clear image of what is ahead. This is one of those devices that once you use it you wonder how you got by without it. Details and comparisons of models can be found at www.Flir.com.
  4. Garmin Virb Elite, Action Camera With Fi, Gps, Accelerometer And AltimeterAction cams are everywhere. These small waterproof video cameras are compact and easy to mount in places that give a unique video perspective. Their film quality and still images are tack sharp and make for some very cool selfies. Famous name Garmin has jumped in the game and has just introduced their Virb series of cameras. The Virb Elite is a very capable video and still camera with the ability to shoot 1080 high definition video as well as 16 megapixel photographs (at the same time). It has a built-in 1.4 inch color screen that acts as both a menu screen and a video display.  With the ability to control the camera from your compatible Garmin device or your smart phone you can create stunning video remotely. Waterproof to one meter for 30 minutes it is weather and splash proof but by adding an inexpensive optional dive housing you can then use it at depths of up to 50 meters. Take a look at its full capability at www.garmin.com.
  5. Neurowave Medical Technologies Reliefband Voyager For Motion SicknessIf a day on the water can be ruined by seasickness then the Comfort Quest band is the gift that will spell relief. This small electronic device is worn on the underside of the wrist and can provide fast relief from the effects of seasickness such as nausea and vomiting. It works by creating a small electronic stimulation to the nerves in your wrist that counter the effects of motion sickness. When worn correctly it can solve issues of not only sea sickness but also car and air sickness. It is water resistant and provides hundreds of hours of use at medium settings. It is a product that utilizes simple and safe technology that can save the day. www.westmarine.com.
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