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Tecma Hose

When boats begin to smell less than fresh, the culprit is typically old sanitation hose. 

Backed by a five-year warranty, Tecma HosePlus 38 is made from high-quality butyl rubber and has an integrated odor shield that offers a permeability level of less than 1%. A double helix of steel wire and synthetic textile yarn provides strength, without any sacrifice to flexibility—the 1.5” ID/1.9in OD hose has a bending radius of 3.1in. The vanilla-scented white cover is resistant to abrasion, ozone and environmental contaminants. Crush-resistant Tecma HoseHelix 38 is a smooth, white PVC hose made specifically for marine applications. It has an advanced odor barrier and provides the strength and flexibility needed for unique installations. The 1.5in ID/1.7in OD hose is resistant to weathering and most chemicals. www.thetfordmarine.com.


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