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Stowaway bag solves secondary anchor storage problem

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If for no other reason than what might happen if the primary is lost, keeping a secondary or even a third anchor on board is a sign of proper seamanship. Storage, however, can become a problem. And a lot of damage can be done if an anchor accidentally bumps into gelcoat. To counter this, Fortress Marine Anchors offers the Stowaway Bag. With sizes to fit its full line of Fortress and Guardian models, it provides a safe and easy stowage solution.

Fortress Anchors are light, the largest weighing only 69lb. But they’re also highly effective. The FX-125 is actually used as the primary on 154ft USCG Sentinel-class cutters. That’s what makes them ideal as a secondary anchor.

Stowed below or in a lazarette, the Stowaway Bag is easily brought on deck. Assembling a Fortress Anchor is fast—an important feature when faced with an emergency or anchorage that suddenly got too crowded and swing needs to be limited. Unlike most anchors, the fluke angle can be set to 32° or 45°, depending on the seabed. 

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The custom designed Stowaway Bag is built with rugged, heavy duty Cordura® with assembly and packing instructions sewn inside. It includes a spare fluke clip, nut and bolt, and two wrenches, and holds an anchor and 6ft of chain. 16 models are offered for an exacting fit. www.fortressanchors.com

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