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Explore the Depths with the Mantus Scuba System: Compact and Portable Diving Gear

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Mantus Scuba System is designed to be compact, light and portable. Everything fits into a backpack (included) so you can have scuba gear with you on every adventure.  An ideal system for cruisers, the small profile tanks fit easily into small places on the boat and allow you hassle free diving for all your underwater projects. Feel the freedom of movement of a free diver but do it with scuba gear. (Appropriate scuba

The Mantus Scuba System offers convenience and versatility for adventurers seeking underwater exploration. Designed to be compact, light, and portable, this scuba gear can be easily carried in a backpack (included), allowing you to have it with you on every adventure.

Ideal for cruisers, the small profile tanks can fit into tight spaces on boats, ensuring hassle-free diving for various underwater projects. With the Mantus Scuba System, you can experience the freedom of movement like a free diver while enjoying the safety and convenience of scuba gear.

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The system includes a 2-liter aluminum tank, a first-stage yoke regulator, a main second-stage regulator, a spare second-stage regulator, an underwater pressure gauge, and a lightweight and ergonomic harness. The backpack makes it easy to transport and store the entire scuba pack.

Please note that appropriate scuba certification and training are required for the safe use of the Mantus Scuba System.

Explore the underwater world with ease and convenience by checking out the Mantus Scuba System at mantusanchors.com/mantus-scuba/

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