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The Pulse of the Raymarine Chartplotter

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In previous articles we discussed what to look for when shopping for the perfect chartplotter.

It is now time to delve into what each of the manufacturers is offering…  (Here’s a spotlight on What’s NEW with the Garmin Charplotter)

Raymarine is a major player in the world of marine chartplotters and has a wide array of multifunction displays that can satisfy any boater’s needs. While constantly evolving its line, the Raymarine Chartplotter has been able to create a display for every use while adding features and simplifying operation.


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Raymarine's new eSeries chartplotter with its Lighthouse user interface homescreen
Raymarine’s new eSeries chartplotter with its Lighthouse user interface homescreen


The full line of Raymarine chartplotters is impressive.

Its current models include the new a Series, c Series, e Series and G Series multifunction displays. There are also the existing original A Series, C Series Widescreen and E Series Widescreen units on the market but in this article we will only be discussing the newer offerings and they can all be viewed at www.Raymarine.com.

All of the new multifunction displays offer an updated and new user interface called LightHouse™. The interface “intuitively places frequently used navigation functions right at your fingertips and has an easy to use home screen and custom navigation pages.” The system is much more intuitive than previous interfaces and will resemble the feel you experience on smart phones and tablets.

The Raymarine a Series multifunction display Raymarine offers will fill the need for boats wanting touch screen and Bluetooth capability in a small package. With a diagonal screen size of 5.7” this compact display will pack a lot of capability into a small area. There are two models in this line – the a65 chartplotter with networking capability and the a67, which also includes its high quality ClearPulse™ fully automatic digital sonar.

Raymarine's new compact a Series touch screen chartplotter.
Raymarine’s new compact a Series touch screen chartplotter.

Next in the lineup is the new Raymarine e Series.

These chartplotters are available in 7”, 9”, 12.1” and now also the 15.4” multifunction touch screen displays. These displays are hybrid touch screens, meaning they can be used as a touch screen or operated through the controls at the side of the display.

These chartplotters also have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability and can be interfaced with other displays in the network. They can share information and work together, whether next to each other or at different stations. They also boast the ability to work with Raymarine’s free RayView™ app that streams the display directly to a tablet or smart phone.

The e Series also has the ability to work with Raymarine’s other Ray Control™ app.

This app emulates the e Series’ screen and has touch screen interaction along with a slide-out virtual keyboard while using a wireless tablet.


The eSeries with an iPad repeater.
The eSeries with an iPad repeater.

Next in the Raymarine Chartplotter lineup is its new third generation Raymarine c Series.

With multifunction displays offered in 9” and 12” varieties, these chartplotters do NOT have touch screens BUT are able to offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.

While they do NOT have Touchscreens, they too offer compatibility with the RayView™ app and sport the new LightHouse user interface.

As with certain new e Series chartplotters, the new chartplotter-fishfinder c Series displays feature a built-in HD Color sonar capable of depths up to 3000 feet.

Something Cool – These displays can also be interfaced with other displays or tablets and you can even control your music on your phone via the chartplotter.

The Raymarine G Series

The last in this newer series of capable displays from Raymarine is the G Series.

These multifunction displays are available in 12” and 15” models and are designed for larger vessels with more complex navigation and entertainment requirements.

Requiring a separate modular GPM400 processor (which includes the entire Navionics Platinum regions preloaded in its hard drive) and a Raymarine G Series Command Center keyboard, these modular multifunction displays are capable of displaying and controlling network sensors for GPS, high definition Raymarine fishfinders, HD Digital Radar, onboard cameras, audio and video equipment, engine instrument data and AIS integration, along with a myriad of other functions.

These are truly the high end of Raymarine’s line and can be found on the bridge of many large yachts and commercial vessels.

Raymarine's G Series displays
Raymarine’s G Series displays

Whether it is a small self-contained touch screen chartplotter or a full-blown complex modular multi large screen bridge system that you are looking for, Raymarine has a model that will fit your needs. With cutting edge technology and an ever easier interface it is a true contender in today’s’ market.






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