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Powerboat Manager and Sailboat Manager

Despite the proliferation of electronics on board today’s average boat, owners know that manual alternatives are needed should systems fail. Log books are a time-tested means of keeping essential information in a central location. Bernard Engraving offers the comprehensive Power Boat Manager and Sailboat Manager onboard reference logs as an ongoing repository of valuable data. They make excellent gifts for holidays or special occasions.

Each book includes pre-printed forms for documenting owner and vessel information, medical histories, basic piloting, equipment and supplies inventory, and other data. A maintenance log creates a valuable history of vessel care. Color-coded tabs keep sections organized.

The Powerboat Manager and Sailboat Manager also contain portable, laminated quick reference cards. They cover basic safety guidelines such as proper sound signals, distress communication, and emergency

procedures for fire, leaks and man overboard situations.

Both log books are formatted as 3-ring binders with 6” x 9” loose leaf pages. When opened, the 8-1/4” x 9-3/4” rugged poly cover provides a hard writing surface.

Ideal for charter fleets, the company also offers individual GPS, radio, guest and ship’s log books. www.bernardengraving.com

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