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Compact Heat Relief with Webasto Air Handlers

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From left: Compact, Slimline and Low Profile
From left: Compact, Slimline and Low Profile

There’s no reason boat owners need to tolerate hot and stuffy cabins. BlueCool A-Series Air Handlers from Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc. create luxuriously refreshing on board environments in any climate. Whisper-quiet, vibration-free, thoroughly innovative and compact, they’re designed to fit into even the smallest vessels.

A completely new modular system concept, the BlueCool A-Series is flexible to a wide range of installation demands and highly customizable. The standard Compact model has overall minimized volume, the horizontal Low Profile has reduced height and the Slimline is the vertical version with less depth. Cooling capacities range from 4-36 kBTU/h. A video demonstration can be found at: bit.ly/2kSmDtd

All three models feature Webasto’s innovative Instant Drain Condensate Management System. With this revolutionary design, water spills and pooling are a problem of the past, even when the boat is heeled up to 30 degrees or running in choppy seas. Lateral water diverter plates on the heat exchangers help direct condensate away; additional trays and micro pumps are no longer needed with this unique system.

Based on Webasto’s plug and play principles, the BlueCool A-Series is easily accessorized and upgraded. It accommodates the optional EMH 230V in-line electrical heating element. With three two-way bypass valves, it will heat or cool different on board spaces independent of one another.

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The BlueCool A-Series is easily operated with the elegant new BlueCool MyTouch display. With its 2.4” color touchscreen, users can program and manage on board climates in ten languages. www.webasto-marine.com

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