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Mast Mount Adapts to a Wide Range of Antennas

Finding a stable, reliable platform to mount valuable antennas off a mast can be challenging. The new 4366-R Mast Mount from Shakespeare® provides a firm, robust base to install the company’s SeaWatch™, WebWatch™, WebWhip™ and stainless steel whip antennas.

Built of corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic stainless steel, the 4366-R Mast Mount is made to last. A 1-inch, 14 threaded, hollow stud and two 5/8” mounting holes provide plenty of options to attach equipment.

The RoHS-compliant 4366-R Mast Mount is 15.75 inch long, 3.6 inch wide, 4.1 inch high and weighs 1.85lb. It installs easily on masts 3.6 inch and wider, using six screws and/or two banding strips. shakespeare-ce.com/marine

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