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I am allergic to cats and I will lay money that ALL cats on this earth know that.They jump on my lap, weave in and out of my legs and even walk across the top of couches to snuggle and give me kisses. There’s a similar draw from fish. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with fish. The competitive side of me wants so desperately to catch one on the end of my fishing rod. What I will do with it once on the hook is another story. But if the truth be known…I can’t believe an editor of a waterfront magazine is admitting this…I’m petrified of the suckers. Fish honestly creep me out. I swear, just like cats, they stalk me just for fun.

The Need for Yet Another Boat!

Case in point was during a recent trip to the Keys. We anchored behind Bottle Key, a remote mangrove on the Florida Bay that is known for nurse sharks sightings. Our first day there we set out in our dinghy to fish. The water was so clear we could see the fish chasing the lure. We did see some baby nurse sharks. They looked cute from the safety of our dinghy. The next morning I was out on the paddleboard, sitting of course, while Clint was fishing from the dinghy. He pointed out the sharks and I actually paddled in their directions. Suddenly a four foot tarpon swam along side my paddleboard and I let out a scream that scared the osprey out of their nest.

Pro Tips for Booking a Fishing Charter

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The next day we went snorkeling at Grecian Rocks. Guess who greeted me when I entered the water. Mr. Tarpon’s five foot cousin! I sucked down some water with that scream.

May is the beginning of the Southeast Blue Marlin Tournament season. Jeff Dennis has provided you all the important dates to mark on your calendar. Captain Judy says May is Cobia time. She has some great tips to get this curious fish hooked. And we don’t stop there with the fishing coverage. Christina Weber takes you step-by-step to build your own rod.

Anything He Can Do….

The kids will soon be out of school for the summer and heading off to summer camp. No longer are kids just sailing or swimming at camp. They sport fish, learn coastal ecology and explore marine life. I wish those camps were around when I was growing up. Maybe I wouldn’t be afraid of fish.

May 16 – 22 is Safe Boating Week. Helen Aiken provides great information about proper use of flares and I explore the new National Safe Boating Council’s program to get Personal Locator Beacons on all recreational boats. Both can save your life.

Make sure you read to the end to see the beautiful yachts racing in St. Barths. They are simply breathtaking.

If you have any fish stories you wish to share, drop me a line.

Can your Relationship SURVIVE Living Aboard Together?

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