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Finian Outdoes Himself AGAIN!

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The BVI is
known for its excellence in water sports, internationally as well as locally,
and we now have a World Champion, once again, in the #1 speed windsurfer,
Finian Maynard. Finian just keeps beating not only every one else’s record, but
also his own. The
windsurfer is now the fastest sailing craft in every type of sailing condition
imaginable above 9-knots of wind. Windsurfers can even sail in 60-knots of wind
effectively with the right rider and equipment. Remember here that windsurfing
originally started with sails made of cloth whose booms were wooden.

Speed sailing is something entirely
different. “Speed sailing in
its purest form is a contest with nature. One is trying to push mechanical elements
into performance realms never achieved." (Barry Spanier). So it is with
great pride that this BVI writer confirms that, having received official WSSRC
ratification, the vaunted 11-year record of Yellow Pages has been broken by
BVI’s own Finian Maynard.

Outright World Sailing Speed Record

Equipment: Windsurfer F2/Naish

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Sailed by: Finian Maynard (BVI) at St Maries de la

Date: 10th April 2005

Time: 20 seconds over
501 meters

Speed: 48.7 kts

During the
world event, multiple competitions were running at the same time in Les Saintes
and Port St. Louis. A Mistral wind peaked at 70-knots on April 9th with the
world record being set the next day. The wind in this particular cycle had more
humidity and ‘push’ to it than past northerly record winds, which could be part
of the key to this new record. Finian’s time was set in 40-knots with the
occasional 45-knot push. According to organizers, “The angle on the Canal was
exactly 126 degrees and the wind was uncharacteristically even down the entire
run. The recent hard work put into the ‘trench’ has paid off with unprecedented
high water levels yielding the surface capable of handling speeds that surely
must have been over 50-knots.”

“This proves that windsurfing equipment is
the king of speed for the moment with more efficient rigs, faster boards and
extremely fast fins that cut the water like a razor.” Realizing this,
great recognition must be given to the modern designers and testers who have
created the equipment needed for the ultimate sailing discipline that Finian’s
world record illustrates.

a great day, to claim another #1 world championship, and no one is more proud
than Jeremy Wright, his long time friend and teacher. Jeremy owns Trellis Bay
Cybercafe and has been windsurfing since the sport was in its infancy and first
appeared on the BVI scene in the early 1980s. “Finian Maynard, our homeboy from
Trellis Bay, has made the record books again. Looking back one could see his
determination at a young age at the HIHO, age eleven, as the youngest
competitor. He showed what a determined little competitor he was racing with
the big boys. His family was the key, as every family can be, to recognise his
passion and fuel it. Dedication is the lesson here and he has now shown the
world what that can do. Finian has given the sport of Windsurfing a real boost
from his heart and soul. Every time I think about his new records I just want
to go windsurfing – and I know he inspires many others the same way. He is
averaging 49 knots down the course in bursts from GPS records, so 50 knots is
not far away, as they fine tune the rapidly developing high end equipment and
play the waiting game. Finian’s friends around the world are extremely proud of
his efforts. Kudos to the kid I remember, congrats to the man we know now,
bless him for being our World Sailing Speed Champion record holder!”

As Founder of this event, Finian states, “This
venture came about from the desire to want to organize an event in one of the
best locations that I think exists. It was for pure record hunting and we
achieved great things. Our attempt to break the World Yachting Speed Record
created a unique, Corinthian undertaking encompassing performance, innovation,
new technology and energy, clean and green concepts that appeal to all
generations. This was an event by the sailors and for the sailors.” Finian’s
mother, Gaeli is a friend of mine. No one can sum it up better than she does:
“Finian is ‘so out there’ that the only record he has to break is his own.
Obviously, I am most proud.”

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