The doors are open for Island Water World Grenada Sailing Week 2019

Yachts thrash to windward during Island Water World Grenada Sailing Week 2017

It’s that time of year when Caribbean regattas are telling the world about their next big event and Grenada Sailing Week are joining in. Last year brought a record entry and organisers say that trend seems set to continue.

The event will run from Sunday 27 January to Friday 1 February 2019.  Starting at Camper and Nicholsons’ Port Louis Marina located at the entrance to St George’s, Grenada’s vibrant capital.

“Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina is delighted to be hosting the Grenada Sailing Week again in 2019. We are looking forward to welcome all participants for the start of the event next January,” says marina manager Charlotte Bonin.

For full information and to register online, visit:

Gary Brown
Gary E. Brown is the Editorial Director of All At Sea Caribbean. He is a presenter on Island 92, 91.9 FM, St. Maarten, and the author of the thriller/sailing adventure Caribbean High. For more information, visit: