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MONSTER Blue Marlin Caught in Puerto Rico

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Christmas came early for angler Christian Brox, visiting Puerto Rico from Norway. On December 11, aboard the charter boat “Big Time”, captained by Eduardo Alcaide, Christian hooked into a monster blue marlin. The fish knocked down the left short rigger, then came back again and swallowed a blue and green Pakula Mouse. It was trolled on a Fin Noire 130# outfit.

An hour later, they tipped the fish but the big girl took off three more times and 45 minutes later before she came up tired. Eduardo roped the fish’s bill and he and his three charter guests pulled the fish aboard. This was quite a feat considering he was fishing without his mate.

Eduardo runs his boat out of the Conquistador Resort and was fishing off the northeast coast of Puerto Rico, 7 miles out from the Fajardo lighthouse. The captain spotted some black fin tunas jumping and birds diving on bait so went over to catch a few tuna for his charter. As soon as he got to the school of tuna, the huge blue marlin came up in his spread. The fish was hooked at 3:15 pm and was boated at approximately 5 pm.

The fish was enormous, the measurements were 134 inches from lower jaw to fork of tail and the widest girth was 70 inches around. The next morning the fish was taken to Puerto del Rey Marina and Tommy Avila, the dock master got out the digital scale. With a gathering crowd looking on, the fish was hoisted into the air and the scale read 814 pounds, quite a Christmas present for angler Brox. It appears that the big marlins are around all year, not only in the summer months.

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