Diplomatic relationship restored between US and Cuba, Matusalem Gran Reserva Solera 15, rich in Cuban history, was a rum worth exploring.

Sitting in the vanishing afternoon light, sipping a cold mojito in the faded Grandeur of Plaza Cathedral while listening to the beat of Cuban jazz, it's easy to picture the splendor of Havana's hedonistic past.

With anticipation that US President Obama will soon lift the travel ban on American tourists visiting Cuba, representatives of Cuba, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands met to draft a strategy to handle the predicted influx of boats heading south.

At the end of May, 31 teams representing 17 countries participated in this milestone event fished out of Havana, Cuba.

With any luck, measures that prohibit U.S. boats from visiting Cuba will be gone in time for the next big party, when the Hemingway International Yacht Club celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2012.

Part II of an interview with Commodore Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich of the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba (HIYC), who was recently appointed President of Marlin Marinas Business Group

Throughout his life, Commodore Escrich has made it his mission to share his love of the water with all who come into contact with him.

19 registered teams coming from various international countries showed up for the Hemingway Yacht Club Annual Fishing Tournament