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Two active members of the West End Yacht Club, Tim
Stonich of Rendezvous Cay and mate
Rose Dyer departed from Soper’s Hole, West End, Tortola, recently for a much
planned, long-awaited Pacific cruise. There were many parties and farewells. We
all wish them luck and a hearty adventure. The picture here includes Tim, Rose
and Kay Schwartz on the first row with daughter, Liz, Luis Schwartz and Nancy
Terrell on the back row. Tim, a writer, plans on informing us all as to the
adventures of the cruise. Luis & Kay are owners of the Jolly Roger – home
of the West End Yacht Club.

BVI Investment Club buys Village Cay

Village Cay Marina is where all of the “yachties” in Road Town hang out
so it was of interest to us all when the BVI Investment Club (BVIIC) announced
its purchase of the marina for 10.5 million dollars. The business deal was
completed with Sun Resort of Dallas, TX who own one-third of the enterprise.
The major assets acquired include the marina, a 19-room hotel, a restaurant and
two of the adjacent condominiums. Sun Resort International also manages
American Yacht Harbour in St. Thomas, Simpson Bay Marina in St. Maarten and
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour in the BVI as well as marinas throughout the

Plans for the Marina include
a refurbishing of the hotel, renovating the dock and improving the size and
quality of service offered by the restaurant. It is hoped that the newly
renovated resort will play a major part in the BVI mega yacht sector. The BVIIC
was formed in 1992 to ensure that BV Islanders and Belongers play a significant
role in the future economic development of the BVI.


Every so often we hear that “Belongers” want to become independent of
the UK. However, a recent British Virgin Islands Constitutional Review report
indicates that the people actually prefer the continuation of "a sharing
of responsibilities between the Government of the Virgin Islands and the
Government of the United Kingdom". For the first time in BVI History, the
process of Constitutional Review was initiated by the local Government and not
by the UK. It is also the first time that the Commission’s members represent a
cross section of the BVI citizenry. We are really proud of this. Although
Ex-pats are not allowed to vote, unless they have been granted citizenship,
which takes over 20 years, most agree with this decision.

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The Constitutional Commission
was appointed on 15 April, 2004, and was given one year to complete the task.
The report represents a compendium of the views and recommendations received by
the Commission and recorded from the public during a series of consultations.
BVI Chief Minister Dr. Orlando Smith described the Constitutional Review as the
single most important event to take place in the BVI and certainly in the life
of his administration. At the presentation of the report BVI’s sailing
Governor, Thomas Macan, said that the sharing "must be on terms which are
agreeable to both parties, where the risks and liabilities which each bears are
acceptable". The Governor told the Chairman that the overwhelming body of
the people’s opinion favors "a continuation of the Status quo in respect
of the Virgin Islands’ relationship with the United Kingdom. That is to say –
remaining an Overseas Territory."I congratulate our government on the way
this was handled and agree with the decision.


Mark Plaxton took the very lovely Gillian Obertt to be his bride on May
20th in a gorgeous wedding in the BVI. There were parties, fetes and
lots of wonderful relatives with sailors toasting the nuptials numerous times
during the month. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the couple for a long and
happy life together.

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