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3D Outdoor Fabric Stretches for Extreme Designs

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Standard marine fabrics can cause significant problems when working with complex three-dimensional patterns and shapes. Safety Components’ new WeatherMAX 3D offers the flexibility to fit almost any project. Under tension, the highly elastic fabric stretches 30–100%. When released, it goes back to its original size.

Innovative WeatherMAX 3D is a high-performance outdoor technical fabric. Made from the same engineered polymer as other versions of WeatherMAX, it’s 100% pigment solution-dyed for superior color consistency, durability, and has the same long-term UV and fade resistance. HydroMAX makes the fabric water-resistant, yet breathable. It is soft and pliable, and nearly impossible to tear.

“WeatherMAX 3D is able to stretch and move in three axis, providing a perfect fit without requiring excessive darting to contour to a shape,” said John Pierce, product manager for Safety Components. “It’s also a perfect fabric for shade on marine applications where it will easily stretch over an area that needs sun and rain protection.” www.weatherMAX.com

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