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What Are My Dinghy Engine Choices?

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The most common horsepower seen on the dinghies of cruising yachts are 9.8 and 15. When the boats are larger with paid crew there is a greater chance of 25 hp and above. Amongst the considerations for purchasing an engine are the power to get the dinghy to plane, the price and the weight of the engine in case it needs to be taken off the dinghy.

As a result of the weight consideration most outboards on cruising yachts are two stroke in the Caribbean where these lighter and relatively more powerful engines are still available.

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Outboard engines 2 and 4 stroke

The weight of the most popular and lightest 9.8 model in two stroke is 57 lbs. or 26 Kg. Older models in this power category were as much as 90 lbs. so hence the success in the market of the light 9.8.

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The new four stroke models are heavier than the feather weight two strokes. But in return for having to pick up 81.5 lbs. (37 kg ) (an extra 24 lbs. you get a much quieter engine that is much cheaper to run on. Previously engines in this power class were about 13 lbs. heavier than these newest, much lighter four strokes.

You also get to be emancipated from having to mix oil and water and the risk of doing this wrong or forgetting it, as well as managing the half full bottles of oil that you can never find when you want them.

The cruiser’s calculations are slowly changing, as are for that matter the calculations of all outboard motor owners.

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