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Top Destinations in the Southern Abacos

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southern abacos
Photo by Captain Shane, SV Guiding Light

In this issue we are going to leave the Hope Town anchorage and visit the southern Abacos. Even though the south point in the Sea of Abacos is only 13 miles away, relatively few boats journey this way so you will get the feeling of getting away from it all with only an hour or two of travel.

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The first order of business is sailing by Lubber’s Quarters where you have a small community and a friendly bar. On the other side is the south end of Elbow Cay, the same island Hope Town is on. This entire area is only about 6-7 feet deep, so if you have a draft of 6 feet or more you need to watch the tide which is about 3 feet. When the tide is out, Tahiti Beach is a favorite, because you can walk the nice size sand flats which dry out.

Now we are going to anchor next to the mainland at Snake Cay. This place used to be a commercial dock and was used to ship lumber and other resources. It is completely shut down now, but if you like to poke around ruins and snorkel shipwrecks then this is a good place for you. Another thing you can do is take a dinghy tour snaking around the island in a maze of mangroves, rocks, and islets.

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If ruins are not your thing, then maybe snorkeling at the Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park will be. There are dive balls east of Sandy Cay and remember there is no fishing in the park.

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southern abacos
Little-Harbour—Pete’s-Pub & Gallery. Photo by Captain Shane, SV Guiding Light

The south end of the Sea of Abacos is capped by the almost perfect anchorage at Little Harbor and here you will find Pete’s Pub & Gallery. This unassuming bar beckons you to come in and I would have a hard time naming a place I felt comfortable in as quickly as I did here. In the 1950’s Pete’s parents sailed into the harbor and never left. His dad built a foundry and lived a simple life as a sculptor. Pete has continued his dad’s work and built a gallery for some amazing sculptures by his dad, him, and now his son. In fact you may even get a tour of the foundry. This is a fantastic place to visit, since there is a beach, good snorkeling, and you can gunk hole around the Bight Of Old Robertson, just outside the entrance, where you can hunt for blue holes. While here check out the caves where the family first lived in true Swiss Family Robinson style.

Johnston’s Little Harbor – ‘Artist on His Island’

Cherokee Settlement is the last harbor along the southern coast, which continues 30 miles to Hole In The Wall point. This little fishing village is rarely visited, because you have to leave the Sea Of Abacos to get there, so you will be a bit of a novelty. One of the two things to see is the longest dock in the Bahamas at 770 feet, or one sixth of a mile. Every several years a hurricane damages it, but the town is so proud of it they always fix it. The second thing is the memorial to fallen local fishermen.

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Shane McClellan
Shane McClellanhttp://www.svguidinglight.com
Visit www.svGuidingLight.com to read more from Captain Shane about the Bahamas, Caribbean, life aboard, and more.

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