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Standard Horizon Chartplotters in the Spotlight!

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Standard Horizon was most famous for its capable and very popular VHF radios but it also has a line of sophisticated chartplotters for suitable for vessels from small skiffs up to larger open ocean craft and has two new models that will gain more attention in the spotlight.


Standard's new CPN1010i touchscreen chartplotter.
Standard’s new CPN1010i touchscreen chartplotter.

The GPS Chartplotters offered by Standard Horizon range from a bright 320 x 240 resolution 5-inch display of the CP190i or CPF190i (chartplotter/fishfinder combo with a built-in 600 watt fishfinder), a widescreen 7-inch 800 x 480 CP390i/ CPF390i and a 12-inch 800 x 600 high resolution display in the CP590.

Recently added to the line are the all-new touch screen models. There is the CPN700i with a 7-inch WVGA 800 x 480 touch screen and the 10.2-inch CPN1010i WSVGA 1024 x 600 display. All of these chartplotters feature built-in maps and can accept C-Map data and cartography offered by Jeppesen www.c-map.com.

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The new CPN1010i and CPN700i are feature-rich plotters that can not only accept C-Map Max cartography, as can the other plotters in Standard’s line, but they can also accept Jeppesen’s C-Map 4D cartography. With this ability users can customize the cartography to display only the information desired and purchased. The way the 4D cartography works is you start with your built-in mapping and add the content you want (and with these new displays you can choose raster, vector or both forms of charts) to enhance navigation and your display.  This “value-added data can include 3D views, 2D and 3D raster overlays and 2D and 3D satellite overlays,” claims Jason Kennedy of Standard Horizon. You can even split the screen and show the two varieties of charts at the same time, even at different zoom levels (this can be particularly useful for interpreting difficult areas of navigation or tricky inlets/ports). The dedicated tilt and rotate keys allow for easy tilting and rotating of charts for an unlimited custom perspective. With 4D information unlocked you can take advantage of Easy Routing and Guardian Alarm features. With Easy Routing the 4D cartography information is analyzed and the shortest safe route is calculated, and hazards are displayed along the route. The CPN1010i and CPN700i along with Jeppesen’s 4D cartography will be able to utilize new technology, as they become available, adding features and capability.


Standard Horizon's Jason Kennedy demonstrates the tilt and rotate feature of the CPN1010i chartplotter
Standard Horizon’s Jason Kennedy demonstrates the tilt and rotate feature of the CPN1010i chartplotter

Jason Kennedy went on to explain that these new chartplotters also allow for display of Internet and multimedia through internal Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. You can even connect a keyboard and mouse through a USB connection if you would rather type than use the touch screen. The same USB inputs allow for the connection of a thumb drive to view movies or listen to music via Media Player while using the chartplotters’ built-in speakers. If better quality audio is required there is auxiliary audio output to connect to the onboard sound system.


The CPN1010i can display both raster and vector charts at any angle desired
The CPN1010i can display both raster and vector charts at any angle desired


Other capabilities of the two new models from Standard include the ability to add the FF525 black box fishfinder (1000 watt or 600 watt depending on which transducer is connected) with a wide variety of transducer options. The chartplotters also have the ability to accept and display AIS information and can take an external GPS antenna if needed.

With these two new models and the very capable and advanced 4D cartography from Jeppesen, Standard has a feature-rich product line with some very enticing and advanced features, all in a very attractive and modern package. Clearly VHF’s are not their only claim to fame.

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