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The Unyielding Spirit of Team Sedulous: An Atlantic Odyssey for Friendship and Charity

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The Lonely Journey of Sedulous: A Beacon in the Dark

Just after 4am, a light appeared on the horizon. The small rowboat Sedulous had been adrift in the Atlantic for over a month, but her navigation light maintained her vigil as bright as when she had started her journey across the ocean six months before. On the morning of May 16, 2014, her lonely journey ended about 100 nautical miles north of the Virgin Islands.

Rowing for a Cause: Hannah and Lauren’s Tribute to Eleanor

Hannah Lawton and Lauren Morton, both UK natives, met at their university’s women’s rowing team. They decided to row across the Atlantic in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge to honor their late friend Eleanor and raise money for local cancer charities.

The Challenges of the Open Sea: A String of Misfortunes

For Team Sedulous, complications arose early into their trans-Atlantic journey. From autopilot malfunctions to a fire that burnt their paper charts, they faced numerous obstacles. The ultimate challenge was a wave that shattered their rudder, making them improvise steering with dragging lines.

The Difficult Decision: Abandoning the Race

Ninety-six days into the race and with almost no food left, Hannah and Lauren decided to abandon the race after rough seas caused a severe injury to Lauren. They were eventually rescued by a Belgian cargo ship, leaving behind their boat with hopes of being reunited someday.

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Parallel Paths: The Story of Pi and Sedulous

Sasha and Tara had their struggles too, as they sought to transform a neglected motor-sailer hull into the Caribbean’s first food-truck boat. When informed about the drifting Sedulous, they seized the chance to give back, preparing their half-finished boat for an ocean rescue mission.

A Nautical Reunion: Finding Sedulous

After eleven hours at sea, Sasha recalculated Sedulous’ drift and they soon made contact. They towed the rowboat to safety and eventually returned her to the UK, where Hannah and Lauren planned to compete again in the 2017 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

New Beginnings: A Second Chance for Both Boats

Now back in the UK, Hannah and Lauren are fixing up Sedulous for another run at the Atlantic Challenge. Meanwhile, Sasha and Tara are close to launching their pizza boat business in the Caribbean, pledging to support Team Sedulous in their next adventure.

Conclusion: Resilience and the Spirit of Adventure

Both teams have shown incredible resilience and the will to persevere. They remind us that the journey itself is often as meaningful as the destination, filled with challenges, setbacks, and ultimately, growth.

For more information about Hannah and Lauren, read their blog at Inspirational Friends. To learn more about Sasha and Tara’s food-truck boat, visit Pi-VI. Watch the video of the salvage effort at Sedusalvage.

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  1. Funny….if I throw a battery overboard it is polluting the ocean. When someone stupid enough to try and paddle across the ocean throws a battery overboard it is referred to as “jettisoning.”

    Maybe I am fortunate, but if my boat left me stranded in the middle of the ocean, I wouldn’t have sentimental feelings for it. I would sell it.


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