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Sailing Industry Innovator and Sparcraft Founder Passes Away

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Terence Hanna - 1914-2014
Terence Hanna – 1914-2014

Longtime sailing industry professional, Terence Hanna, recently passed away due to natural causes. Over his lifetime, Terence was involved in numerous sailing industry innovations including the first bimetallic aluminum and titanium masts and reinforced plastic film sails that he created in his Hanna Sails loft in 1969.

His lifelong sailing career began in England before he moved to the U.S. in 1939 to work as Vice President of Sail Design at Ratsey Sailmakers. In 1959 he moved to Newport Beach, CA, with his family, and founded Hanna Sails and the Sparcraft Corporation. At Sparcraft he designed the first composite type mast using a lightweight titanium top section for the 1964 America’s Cup winner, Constellation.

Terence retired to New England in 1979 and is survived by his daughter Christy Pulsifer and son Bill Hanna, who is currently the Vice President of Forespar Corporation. Terence maintained an active interest in the sailing industry throughout retirement.

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