Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Old Boats…Is It Best to Scrap or Save?

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If every year they build new boats and do not scrap old ones then the ratio of boats to the boating population becomes increasingly skewed.

No boat owner thinks his boat should be scrapped and some would actually endure physical pain to see their vessel scrapped.

Trends in Power Catamaran Boat Design

There are those who contribute to scrapping by driving their boats on reefs or sinking them.  It sometimes sounds as if you watch YouTube that this plays a major role in reducing the boat inventory but that is unfortunately optimistic.

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The truth is that the demand for older boats is decreasing but it is also true that there are many of us that get a huge kick out of restoring boats or sailing the older models. The best advice to them is to choose only high quality boats to restore which in turn will find a better reception and higher value in the long run. 

Maintaining Your Brightwork with Good Old Spar Varnish

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