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Introducing Pam Wall

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Someone recently said to me, “You sure do ask a lot of questions.” Call it being thorough or simply being a Libra. Either way I need as much factual and first-hand information as I can get before pressing forward on even the simplest of tasks. When my husband announced that he wanted to retire on a boat and sail around the world, that thirst for knowledge kicked into high gear. Being a landlubber, I simply couldn’t imagine the hows, whats or even whys of such a lifestyle. So I headed straight for the experts; women cruisers.

Seven Seas Cruising Association offers webinars on topics cruisers crave. Diesel Engines, Weather, Home Schooling and Cruising Destination are just a few subjects presented by cruisers, for cruisers. But there was one webinar that had my name written all over it,  “Women and Cruising.” The moderators, Kathy Parsons, Gwen Hamlin and Pam Wall, are well-known cruisers with many nautical miles under their keels.

New Website Offered for Cruisers by Legendary Pam Wall

After these ladies gave their bios they chuckled and said, “We’re not sure how this is going to work so start asking questions and all three of us will give our answers.” Being in the virtual world with a bunch of women, the dialogue box began lighting up. Seeing the flurry, the moderators selected the top ten for that session. One by one they answered questions ranging from seasickness remedies to how to prevent feeding your partner to the sharks after an argument.

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I was immediately drawn to Pam’s no-nonsense approach to cruising. I can still hear her saying, “There are no pink jobs or blue jobs on a boat.” Her message was clear; learn as much as you can about your boat, for one day you might need to do everything yourself.

Since that first webinar, I’ve attended several live sessions of this popular seminar, meeting all three wonderful moderators. I am so pleased to announce that Pam Wall will begin sharing her knowledge with All At Sea Southeast readers. This month she expands upon the “First-timer’s Guide to the Bahamas” list with her own “must take” list.

Laughing at Yourself For Laughing at Others

My thirst for knowledge and hopefully yours doesn’t end there. This sailor from the Chesapeake has a lot to learn about the yacht industry. Our new exclusive Yacht Section will feature some of the writers many of you may recognize from Yacht Essentials magazine. Back by popular demand is Anita Valium providing her blunt and informative advice for yachties.

November is also our Heading South issue. For great fishing along the way stop at Bald Head Island, N.C. for some surf fishing or head straight to the Keys for magnificent sail fishing. Also learn what you can do to help prevent further erosion to the shores of the ICW.

What knowledge are you hungry for? Send me your suggestions to terry@allatsea.net.

Pam’s Five Favorite Snorkeling Spots in the Bahamas!

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