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IGY Marinas Optimistic that Most Marinas Operational for Upcoming Winter Season

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Thank you to everyone for your warm wishes for IGY’s personnel and marinas affected by Hurricane Irma. We are truly grateful to have a resilient and committed team who, along with their loved ones, have endured throughout this ordeal.

IGY Marinas is truly grateful for the unwavering support and around-the-clock commitment of our valued employees.

Our teams are working alongside local and international emergency services and relief organizations, and have already commenced a cleanup and repair effort. Staff members and contractors are in the Caribbean to assist each facility’s team on critical repairs that can be made in order to make our facilities operational.

At this time, we are optimistic that our marinas will be operational in most, if not all, affected locations for the upcoming winter season, and we will provide frequent updates on both our specific operational capabilities and the state of the surrounding infrastructure upon which our facilities, to some degree, rely.

Hurricane Irma has not only affected IGY’s marinas, but also the Caribbean’s nautical tourism industry. Small business is critical to the overall health of the international maritime sector and IGY intends to lead the way in the recovery of local marine trades affected during one of the strongest storms in history. IGY will be a pivotal force in helping the maritime industry throughout the Caribbean bounce back stronger than before and will shortly be announcing specific efforts in this regard.

For specific details regarding our marinas, please reach out to info@igymarinas.com

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To make a reservation inquiry please visit IGY Reservations

Fully Operational Marinas:

Marinas Currently Under Repair:

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