Grand Slam II Wins at 25th Annual Tobago Game Fishing Tournament

Excitement reached near
fever pitch and crowds gathered en mass on the beach in front of Tobago’s
Conrado Beach Hotel as the tip of a monster blue marlin giant bill poked out of
a small pirogue making it’s way to the shoreside weigh station. With
considerable effort, five strong men yanked the fish on to the sand and hoisted
it up where the electronic scales read the weight as 437-pounds. This whopper,
caught by angler Alan Fitzwilliam from aboard the Houdini during the second day
of competition, proved the feat to beat for the rest of the anglers competing
in the 25th Annual Tobago Game Fishing Tournament, held April 18 to

Thirty-three boats from
Trinidad & Tobago, Martinique and Barbados, along with 177 anglers hailing
from throughout the Caribbean, U.S. mainland and Europe, competed in this
silver anniversary event where both billfish and game fish counted towards cash

Ultimately, it was Grand
Slam II that won the coveted “Best Boat” trophy as well as well as a $10,000
cash prize at the Award’s Ceremony held at the Crown Point Beach Hotel.

Trailing by only 100 points
was second place finisher, Dream Weaver, which won $5,000 cash.

Barbie Doll Too and Houdini
rounded out the top four boats with cash prizes of $3,000 and $2,000

Disappointingly, no angler could stake a claim to the $100,000 Honda
Outboard Engine that was offered to the angler who broke the current
tournament record of 644-pounds for the heaviest Blue Marlin. Houdini angler,
Alan Fitzwilliam, did come the closest with his 437-pound catch and walked away
with a consolation prize of $5000.

While fishing was the main
attraction, many consider the highlight of the tournament to be the Lay Day
festivities. The Trinidad & Tobago Game Fishing Association’s Cooking
Fraternity, orchestrated by Dip Singh, prepared a feast that included favorite
dishes such as Pepper Fish and Jerk Pork. The event also featured entertainment
from comedian Learie Joseph, Soca Elvis and the Carib Girls.


1. Grand Slam II, Capt. Kester Herbert, 2870.05 pts
2. Dream Weaver, Capt. Nicholas Telfer, 2769.95 pts
3. Barbie Doll Too, Capt. Gary Story, 2345.21 pts
4. Houdini, Capt. Alan Fitzwilliam, 2037.92 pts

Limited Edition – Capt. Yves Pelisson, Martinique, 1891.6 pts

1. Andrew Llanos (Dream Weaver) 2243 pts
2. Serge Littee (Limited Edition) 1340 pts
3. Chris Morris (Barbie Doll Too) 1179 pts

Serge Littee (Limited Edition) 1340 pts

Blue Marlin, 437 lbs, Alan Fitzwilliam, Houdini
Yellowfin Tuna, 119.5 lbs, Goran Quarfordt, Viking 4
Dolphin, 31.2 lbs, Neville Tobias, Galivan
Wahoo, 32.5 lbs, Michael DeFreitas, Standard Motors

1. Darion Herbert (Grand Slam II) – 458.5 pts
2. Michael DeFreitas (Pick II) – 30.5 pts

Carol M. Bareuther, RD, is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands based marine writer and registered dietitian.