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Free Sail Training offered on the 3-mast vessel Sørlandet from St.Martin to Jamaica and New York.

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Sørlandet under full sail
Sørlandet under full sail

Free Sail Training offered on the 3-mast vessel Sørlandet from St.Martin to Jamaica and New York.

The Caribbean Sail Training Association announced today that, in cooperation with A+ World Academy and the 3-mast vessel Sørlandet, a six week sail training voyage will be offered free of costs starting on February 12, 2020 and ending on March 24, 2020.

Sørlandet, one of the more than 70 member vessels of the non-profit organization Caribbean Sail Training, will embark two Caribbean youngsters from the Port de Marigot in St.Martin to Ocho Rios in Jamaica and further on to New York, NY in the USA.

When the Sørlandet will arrive it will be the first visit of the vessel to St.Maarten-St.Martin with a second visit already planned for 2021.

The Port de Marigot will again host the ship in Galisbay as they have done many times in the past with the member vessels of Caribbean Sail Training.

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An open ship day for the public is also planned while the Sørlandet will be in port.

The Maritime School of the West Indies in St.Maarten-St.Martin is co-sponsoring the sail training, an open ship day ( together with other Tall Ships ), a reception in the Port de Marigot and airline tickets for the Caribbean trainees to return from New York to St.Maarten.

Sørlandet is the world’s oldest and most authentic fully-rigged ship still in active service. The ship was built in 1927 in Kristiansand, Norway in 1927 as a full-rigged ship for training young people for the merchant marine.

As the demand for regular training of young seamen decreased in the seventies, she extended the activities to welcome the general public on board.

The name Sørlandet comes from the southern region of Norway – it means the southern land.

The ship is classified 1A1* in the NORSKE VERITAS and has all necessary certificates for world wide trade.

Her capacity is 70 trainees.

youngsters doing sail training
Youngsters doing sail training on SY Sørlandet

The school is a university preparatory AP® secondary school offering an international AP® Capstone Diploma, and classes are taught onboard while the Ship sails to different locations around the world and simultaneously trains the cadets in maritime history, safety, and sail training. A+ World Academy takes pride in how rigorous it is academically, physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and culturally.  We build grit, resilience, and perseverance through the radical nature of our program and do not shy away from telling prospective students and parents / guardians that our students are pushed to extremes in all aspects.  Our exhaustive program of sail training, non-stop education program, cultural field experiences at ports around the world and the difficulties related to living in a small community of learners with very little personal space or personal time while encountering cultural differences on a weekly, if not daily, basis builds our students into global leaders with global experience.

The 2019-2020 voyage plan started in Kristiansand Norway and visits France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Canary Islands, the Cabo Verde Islands, Brasil, Barbados, St.Martin-St.Maarten, Jamaica, New York. USA, the Azores, The Netherlands and back to Norway.

Caribbean youngsters, girls and boys, around the ages of 15 -17 are invited to send an application e-mail to info@CaribbeanSailTraining.com

The sailing adventure will start in St.Martin but the applications are open to youngsters from whatever Island in the Caribbean.

Valid passport and eventual VISA will be needed in advance of the departure.

When the application e-mail is received, Caribbean Sail Training will send forms and information for the parents, school and youngster to the applicant.

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