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When the Fish are Hot – Change your Saltwater Fishing Lures

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Don’t Fall Into The S.B.D.D. Rut – Change your Saltwater Fishing Lures

We are blessed with fantastic fishing for a variety of species here in the Caribbean. This abundance also makes it very easy to slip into the dreaded Same BaitDifferent Day rut.  It’s time to change your saltwater fishing lures. Every angler falls into this trap at one time or another. Let’s face it, if the fish have been pounding Rattle Traps chances are that tomorrow the first bait you’re going to fish with is a Rattle Trap. Conversely, if the fish have been going crazy on live bait, chances are that you will keep using live bait it until something changes and your success declines.  It’s time to change up your salt water fishing lures.

In order to become a more versatile angler, you need to have the self-discipline to switch from a salt water fishing lures or bait that has been catching lots of fish to something completely different. I know this sounds crazy, but the best times to experiment with new baits and techniques are the days when you are catching lots of fish. You have already established a feeding pattern, a bait preference, and you know that the fish are in a positive feeding mood. For example, if the bite has been hot on 6” bait, try the same bait in smaller or larger size just to see how the fish react. There is a myriad of possibilities, but it does take the self-discipline to abandon a lure you know is working for something that might not be as productive. The whole point is that you have to be willing to experiment in order to add new techniques to your angling arsenal. You are building a savings account of alternative presentations for those days when your reliable baits and presentations just aren’t getting the job done.

For example, consider using crank baits for situations where you would normally use live bait. It has been my experience that 4” or 5” Rapala type minnow lures can be more effective than live bait, especially when trolling. While they don’t seem to imitate the size or shape of most saltwater forage fish, it really doesn’t seem to matter to the fish. You will need to replace the standard treble hooks with 4x strong trebles and remove the center treble hook. I also replace the split rings with 2X strong stainless steel split rings. You don’t want to loose a giant fish due to a split ring or hook failure.

A Revolutionary New Co-Polymer Monofilament Line On The Horizon

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Triple Fish International will be introducing a new co-polymer third generation monofilament line in February 2005. This new line has everything a fisherman could ask for, it has a smaller diameter per pound test than conventional monofilament, very high abrasion resistance, its supple enough for spinning reels, and is very low stretch. In other words, this could be the perfect fishing line for nearly every angler. Offshore fisherman will love the small diameter which will give them approximately 20% more line on their reels when compared to conventional monofilament of the same pound test. In-shore and fresh water fisherman will love the fact that it’s easy to cast and tough enough for rocks and timber. This might be the best line you’ve ever used, I have been testing this line for some time and it performs as advertised, even on spinning reels. Check back next month for complete information on where you can get your hands on this awesome new line! Triple Fish International is located in Clermont, Florida the fishing capitol of the United States. Triple Fish line is produced by the world’s largest line manufacturer and sold in more than 85 countries worldwide. Triple Fish brings anglers the toughest and most versatile family of lines available for a wide variety of fishing conditions.

Capt. Anderson runs South Of Twenty Angling Adventures on St. Thomas. He specializes in guided fly and light tackle fishing trips for Bonefish, Tarpon, and Snook.

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