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Electric Revolution in Yachting: The Launch of Aura 51 Smart Electric by Dream Yacht Worldwide & Fountaine Pajot

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Leading the Green Wave in Yachting

Earlier this year, Dream Yacht Worldwide teamed up with Fountaine Pajot to embark on a groundbreaking venture — the inception of the world’s first global line of electric catamarans. The collaboration proudly stands as the pioneering force behind the large-scale introduction of electric yachts tailored for yacht charter vacations and retail sales to global consumers.

The Aura 51 Smart Electric: A Flagship Introduction

Marking its premiere, the Aura 51 Smart Electric was inducted into the expansive fleet of Dream Yacht Worldwide, becoming available for charters in Italy from April 2023.

Courtesy Dream Yacht Charters
Courtesy Dream Yacht Charters

Global Expansion: The Electric Vision

Angela Tuell, the spokesperson for Dream Yacht Worldwide, emphasizes their vision: “The plan is to have them (electric catamarans) everywhere, including the Caribbean.”

Technical Brilliance of the Aura 51

The Aura 51 Smart Electric isn’t just another catamaran. It’s an embodiment of innovation. Fountaine Pajot has furnished this model with state-of-the-art electric motors and a smart energy management system. Born from the collective genius of over 60 technicians, engineers, and electrical connoisseurs, the mission was clear — devise a zero-emissions propulsion energy system specifically crafted for the yachting realm. With the support of two potent lithium technology battery banks, the Aura 51 offers hours of motor cruising and up to a week of anchored relaxation, all sans emissions.

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Looking Ahead: More Electric Ventures on the Horizon

The synergy between Dream Yacht Worldwide and Fountaine Pajot promises an electrifying future. By spring 2024, the Dream Yacht fleet anticipates welcoming over 22 electric yachts, encompassing 10 sailing catamarans and an additional 12 sailing yachts from the esteemed Dufour, a pivotal member of the Fountaine Pajot Group.

For those eager to sail into a greener future, dive into www.dreamyachtcharter.com.

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