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Eden Rock – St. Barths Coral Restoration Program

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https://www.allatsea.net/restoring-gulf-beyond-shore/The iconic Eden RockSt Barths is famous for its celebrity clientele and being a Five-Star Winner of the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide 2022 Star Award. However, what makes this hotel really rock, especially for fans of the undersea world, is its coral restoration project. In 2019, a partnership with the Island Nature St. Barth Experiences association was set up to partially restore the reef surrounding the rocky promontory on which the Eden RockSt Barths sits. The group placed Biorock structures, making it possible to introduce or reintroduce coral colonies in areas where they had been dislodged or jeopardized. The project was delayed by problems like the pandemic, power cable damage, and a seaweed infestation, but it’s now functioning again.

“Several dozen coral frags have chalked up considerable growth, and the return of an important variety of fish, including a growing population of juveniles, has been observed,” says Laureen Alenda, communication, and marketing coordinator for the hotel. “The year 2022 was especially notable for the installation of galvanized tubes to protect cables in the zone where the tides move back and forth. They act as hosts to coral populations striving for development. The propagation of old and new fragments of coral is underway, benefitting from protection cables. Our Guests can swim around the Rock and observe the Biorock project when snorkeling.” www.oetkercollection.com/hotels/eden-rock-st-barths/

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Carol M. Bareuther, RD, is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands based marine writer and registered dietitian.

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