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Easy Hull Cleaning Without Hauling or Divers

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Up until now, boats with dirty hulls needed to be hauled or cleaned by divers—both expensive propositions at over $3 per foot in many areas. With the new Davis Scrubbis™ Underwater Hull Cleaning Kit from Davis Instruments, one person can easily remove algae, marine life and waterline scum from almost any vessel while standing on the dock or deck, or even seated in a dinghy. With a clean hull, the boat will be up to 30% faster and offer as much as a 20% fuel savings—it’s a marine product that actually pays its owner back.

The magic of the Davis Scrubbis system is its unique buoyant cleaning head. Once pushed down the side of the hull, its 4.4lb of flotation lifts it back up. Since it doesn’t need undue pressure or rapid back-and-forth motion, it’s not a backbreaking chore. 

Designed for fresh or saltwater, the 5in dia. x 16in wide Davis Scrubbis cleaning head is made of a durable foam-like material, so it won’t remove toxic and expensive antifouling paint. Soft cleaning fins take care of most accumulation. For stubborn areas, the head can be flipped to reveal a stiffer fin.

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With its 43in–86in telescoping aluminum handle and 43in extension tube added, Davis Scrubbis has an impressive 12ft reach. Attach the angled end section and it easily cleans most remote underwater parts of the hull. Strakes, steps, keels, rudders, and around thru-hulls and other fittings are no match for the innovative device.

Best results are achieved using it once or twice a month, in conjunction with a hard antifouling paint.

For hulls that need more robust cleaning, optional attachments make the job even easier. Groovy Scrubbis’ bristles remove barnacles, worm casings and other tenacious organisms. The Waterline Brush features soft cleaning fins on one side and a replaceable scrubbing pad on the other. It’s perfect for waterline scum and stains. www.davisnet.com. A video is at bit.ly/scrubbis

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