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Caribbean News: WSV Curacao Windsurfing Series 2015 Award Ceremony

WSV Curacao Windsurfing photo credit: WSV Curacao

WSV Curaçao Windsurfing Series 2015 Award Ceremony

The official Award Ceremony of the 2015 WSV Curaçao Windsurfing Series took place at the ‘Surf village’ Saint Joris Bay in January. This important competition, organized by The Windsurfing Association of Curaçao (WSVC) and in cooperation with Windsurfing Curaçao and Old School Windsurfers Saint Joris Bay, consisted of a series of races held once or twice a month during 2015 at Saint Joris Bay and at Spanish Water, for the disciplines of Slalom and Freestyle.

The day started with a slalom ‘clinic’ given by local and very talented windsurfers Jean Patrick van der Wolde (20) and Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes (16). This was followed by three fun races where participants of all ages could race together. The day closed with the awards ceremony and the presentation of trophies for the 2015 season.

For more information, visit: wsvcuracao.com

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