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BVI Bulletin – Mar 07

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New BVI Guidebook

Author Claudia Colli has published a guidebook on the BVI entitled "British Virgin Islands, Sheltered Isles of Sea and Sun." BVI Chief Minister, Dr. Orlando Smith, stated at her book opening, "Ms. Colli is no stranger to writing as we know her name is synonymous with publications such as “The Welcome” magazine where she is the editor.” Thanking Ms. Colli for her contributions to promoting the BVI, he noted that “The Welcome” has been particularly important in helping to promote the territory’s tourism industry.  Colli’s is the first full-colour guidebook to be dedicated exclusively to the BVI and features more than 100 vivid colour photographs, many taken by BVI photographer Jim Scheiner.


Sailors have a fondness for Iguanas and are always talking about them to other cruisers.  Because of this, it is interesting to note that the BVI National Parks Trust’s Anegada Iguana Rehabilitation Project has released some 101 endangered Anegada Rock Iguanas over the past four years.  Within the last months, residents, students and teachers from the Anegada School, Tortola and Virgin Gorda, biologists, and employees of the Trust have participated in the release of some 29 iguanas.  

Caught in the wild often as they emerge from the ground, the iguanas are raised in protective care at the NPT’s head-start facility in The Settlement, Anegada, and are only released once they are big enough to be safe from attack by cats.  During late June and early July, female iguanas that have successfully mated dig nests in which they lay their eggs. After 90 days of incubation, the eggs hatch and the young iguanas dig their way to the surface. Without the intervention of the rehabilitation program, the chance of survival for newly hatched iguanas is very slim.

The iguana rehabilitation project was founded in 1997 when researchers realised that the species was heading towards extinction. We congratulate our National Public Trust on programs like this; it is a win/win situation for both students, residents and, of course, the Iguanas. 

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As noted elsewhere in this issue, BVI sailor Alec Anderson posted a 106th place finish out of 228 sailors at the Optimist World Championship in Uruguay recently.  Here in the BVI we are really proud of his competitive position, exceeding many other excellent Caribbean sailors in Uruguay.  Alec is the son of sailor/windsurfer Ewan Anderson and Heather Anderson and members of the BVI sailing community have watched this young man sail since he was just a boy.  We commend him for his discipline and bravado—way to go, Alec.

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