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It’s In The Bag – Folbot Float Trip

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“The average setup time for the Folbot is right around 20 minutes,” said Thome. The backpack was brought down to the floating dock where all the parts were emptied onto the flat surface next to the kayak ramp. “In the backpack, the Sporting Life model weighs about 39 pounds. The water repellant skin on this model features Realtree Max-4 camouflage, which is our latest offering for those who like to fish or to hunt out of their kayaks.”

Foldable Folbot is in backpack worn by owner Eric Thome. Photo by Jeff Dennis
Foldable Folbot is in backpack worn by owner Eric Thome. Photo by Jeff Dennis

“The primary stabilization of the Folbot is your body weight in the boat,” said Thome. “All of the assembly parts are clearly labeled such as bow and stern, and its much like setting up a tent. The Folbot does feature inflatable sponsons on each side of the craft, providing greater rigidity for the hull. They are easily inflated by blowing into them. Inflatable outriggers are an accessory that allows anglers to stand up with confidence when precision casting is required.”

Building a boat at a public launch is a unique experience and we soon had several observers looking on and asking questions. Assembly of the frame and installation of the skin can be done by one person, but it does require dexterity, and would be tough to accomplish in any weather that was less than ideal. At last, Grubbs added drink holder and fishing rod holder accessories, grabbed a kayak paddle and launched into the Ashley River.

It’s a nice connection that the vintage Folbot book includes a passage about ‘Swift Folbot Waters in Carolina’ and mentions the saltwater marshes of the Ashley River. So with one eye on the past, and the other on new experiences, I paddled the Folbot upriver and found it to be comfortable, easy to maneuver and fishable.

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A folding kayak is just another means to spend more time on the water and in the outdoors. The possibility of airline travel opens new territory to float in foreign destinations. These custom-made kayaks come with a lifetime warranty making them suitable for passing down through the generations. To learn more on how to Unfold New Adventures visit www.Folbot.com.

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Jeff Dennis is an outdoor writer and photographer who grew up on a creek in Charleston loving the saltwater, and he contributes regularly to All At Sea Southeast. Read his blog at www.LowcountryOutdoors.com

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