It’s In The Bag – Folbot Float Trip

While looking for a small watercraft to enjoy on rivers and lakes, I stumbled upon a modern kayak with a rich history that is worthy of the spotlight. The Folbot (pronounced Full Boat) is a foldable kayak that fits in a backpack style bag for transport when not in use. A visit to the Folbot warehouse in Charleston, S.C. gave me a unique look into their current operations before I made a splash at a nearby boat ramp.

Jack Kissner founded Folbot just over 80 years ago in England. This wasn’t the only foldable boat brand in the United Kingdom but its reputation for simple set up, sturdiness and low maintenance seemed to buoy its popularity. All of these traits are still valued by small craft owners today. Kissner moved the Folbot operation to New York City in 1935 to tap the American market, eventually settling in Charleston, S.C. in 1953.

Jeff Dennis is an outdoor writer and photographer who grew up on a creek in Charleston loving the saltwater, and he contributes regularly to All At Sea Southeast. Read his blog at