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Annual Red Stripe Surf Series Kicks Off

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The annual Red Stripe Surf Series kicks off on Sunday, December 19th at Josiah’s Bay. Top local and regional surfers will compete in Open and Longboard classes in Kids, Jr’s, Men’s, Master’s and Women’s divisions.

In its seventh year, the Red Stripe Surf Series comprises four daylong surfing events at either Apple or Josiah’s Bay, Tortola’s most
popular surf breaks.The Red Stripe Surf Series combines a participants top three results for the overall result.Trophies and prizes are awarded following the final event on March 13th.

Red Stripe Surf Series competitors may compete in two classes: Open and Longboard.Divisions are as follows:Open- Grommets, Kids, Jr, Men & women; Longboard- open.

Age breaks for divisions are as follows: Grommets (<8); Kids 9-12); Jr (13-16); Open (17+); women’s and Longboard divisions are open to all ages.

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Contest dates and venues are as follows:
December 19th – Josiah’s Bay
Jan 2nd – Apple or Josiah’s Bay
Jan 30th – Apple or Josiah’s Bay
Feb 20th – Apple of Josiah’s Bay
Mar 13th – Apple or Josiah’s Bay (contest on this date if any previous contest is cancelled or abandoned)

Event organizers will select the location for the event at the last minute based on conditions.

Competitors and participants should call (284) 494-7694 to be told which beach will host the event.

British and US Virgin Islands surfers comprise the majority of the participants in the Red Stripe Surf Series.

Other competitors from the French West Indies and Puerto Rico often fly in to join the events, as do visiting mainland surfers.

The second event scheduled for January 2nd usually sees the biggest turnout with many Puerto Rican Surfers attending.

“The standout feature of the Red Stripe Surf Series is it’s a grass roots appeal,” explains organizer Andy Morrell.

“The events are both competitive and fun.We attract all kinds of surfers from beginners to pros.”

The Red Stripe Surf Series is sponsored by Red Stripe, Highland Spring, HIHO, Non Zipper, Sea Urchin, Trident Trust and Caribbean Surf Company.

For further information contact Ocean Promotions at 284-494-0337 or visit


HIHO Youth Surf Championships


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