Who You Gonna Call? International Maritime Security Associates

There’s oftentimes little or no experienced shore side support for crews when emergencies happen underway. Now, Miami-Florida based International Maritime Security Associates, INC (IMSA) is providing vessels worldwide with Offshore Emergency Support as part of its Global Intelligence, Information and Communications Center (G-I2C).

“During emergency situations vessel crews need to concentrate on the emergency and not worry about the myriad of calls and notifications that need to be made,” said Corey Ranslem, chief executive officer in a release. “Our G-I2C will handle the communications, notifications and logistics for the vessel based on their specific protocols and the immediate emergency.”

The operations center is staffed 24/7 to provide vessels with one number to call for assistance during a variety of emergency situations. The Offshore Emergency Support service is part of the ARMS (Automated Risk Management Solution) software platform that IMSA will launch globally worldwide later this year. imsa.global

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