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Yacht Toy Fun For All Ages

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This month’s Miami International Boat Show and Yacht and Brokerage Show are renowned as launch pads for new powerboats and yachts, with boat aficionados coming from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the latest boats to grace the water.

The shows – which will take place at various venues in Miami from February 12 to 16 – are also the ideal place to showcase the very best in boating toys for the sailor who has everything.

Below are ten of the very best ‘toys’ in the market in 2015, many of which you will be able to find in the exhibition space in Miami this month.

1. The Yamaha FX Cruiser Sho claims to be the best-selling luxury performance watercraft ever to have been invented. The waverunner, which can be seen at Booth D86 at the show, has recently been reengineered with RiDE™ for the ultimate driving experience. The FX Cruiser Sho can fit up to three people and has a fuel capacity of 18.5 gallons. www.yamahawaverunners.com

Sailing with Charlie: Water Toys

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Zayak Sea Sled
Zayak Sea Sled

2. Zayak Sea Sled won the “Most Innovative New Product Award” at the Miami International Boat Show last year. The inflatable ‘sea sled’ is a stable and sturdy flotation device which enables people to snorkel for hours on end from a platform which gives you a panoramic view of the undersea environment. There is no need to even get your face wet, using the neoprene dry mask to block out all water, and sunlight, so that you can snorkel to your heart’s content. www.zayakseasled.com

9 Water Toys Not to Leave the Dock Without

3. The Workart is a wicked machine that motors like a go kart on water. It is the first patented designer watercraft in the world with a mid-mounted outboard engine and as a result it’s fast, agile and loads of fun for all the family. The Wokart can reach speeds of up to 40 knots while also being capable of 90 degree turns. wokart.com/

4. The Jetsurf is a powered surfboard designed by Formula 1 and Moto Grand Prix engineers, the use of which is now considered an international sport. The lightest and fastest powered surfboard ever built, the Jetsurf combines physical effort and pure fun, mixing the world of extreme sport with the world of luxury. www.luxurywatertoys.eu

Jetlev Flyer. Courtesy of Warren East
Jetlev Flyer. Courtesy of Warren East

5. This one is for the really far out amongst you; the Jetlev Flyer will fling you up in the sky more than 30 metres in the air, at a speed of more than 20 mph or more. The Jetlev Flyer uses a water repulsion marine engine to propel you into the air for the ultimate holiday snap. Perhaps not for the faint hearted. www.jetlev-flyer.com

The Quadski. Courtesy of Gibbs Sports Amphibians
The Quadski. Courtesy of Gibbs Sports Amphibians

6. The Quadski also made waves at last year’s Miami International Boat Show when it was exhibited by Gibbs Sports Amphibians. The company will be present again at this year’s show at Booth E94. The Quadski is the world’s first high-speed amphibious craft which can achieve speeds of up to 45mph on both land and water. Equally as impressive is the way in which it can change from land to sea mode. At a mere flick of a button the Quadski’s wheels retract after entering water and deploy when approaching land. www.gibbssports.com

7. This water ‘toy’ looks like a fearsome shark, but it is in fact an underwater observational speedboat which can reach speeds of up to 55 mph on the surface and dive under the water as well. Called the Seabreacher X, the vessel can also jump 90 degrees out of the water. seabreacher.com/seabreacher-x/

Sailing with Charlie: Mega Yacht Charters

8. The Seabob is a cross between a jet ski and a body board, which uses an electric impeller jet motor to whizz you across the surface of the water at various speeds. The seabob allows you to glide along the surface or dive under the water depending on what crazy action you fancy on any particular ride. www.seabob.com

9. Children will love the Kayacht, a two-seater electric kayak which can go at speeds of up to 4 mph for a maximum of 8 hours a day if the batteries are fully charged. There is even an electric cannon which can squirt water up to 35 feet in the air, which is sure to be a hit with young passengers on yacht charter. Weighing just 126 lbs, it is the perfect toy to bring with you for hours of fun. www.kayacht.com/fun-boat.html

10. If you are in a hurry to get to the shore-side restaurant, why not seek out the Flying Fish Hovercraft, a two-man vessel which was launched at the London Boat Show. It’s great fun to drive, looks ultra-cool and is surely the best way to get from your yacht to the beach restaurant this summer. britishhovercraft.com 

February 12 – 16, 2015
Miami International Boat Show www.miamiboatshow.com
Yacht and Brokerage Show Miamiwww.showmanagement.com/miami_boat_show/event/

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