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Trumpy Yachts to Build NEW 125 ft Classic Motor Yacht

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On August 5, 2009 agreement was reached between Trumpy®Yachts and Alex Suarez, Managing Partner of Classic Yacht Partners to build a dramatic new 125’ (38 meter) Trumpy inspired by John Trumpy’s pre-war designs.

Johan Trumpy said, “When we decided to re-launch our brand and business, we believed very strongly that thoughtful yachtsmen would respond to our products. Mr. Suarez has more than met that assumption. With his help, we have dramatically enhanced the 125’ Trumpy and will be building one of the most elegant yachts that I have ever been involved with.”

The new owner, Alex Suarez of Classic Yacht Partners in Atlanta, Georgia is not only spearheading the design and purchase of the new Trumpy, he has created a yacht share company to capitalize on the new realities of large yacht ownership. “When I first met with Johan and Jim Ewing, CEO of Trumpy Yachts, at the Palm Beach Show, it was obvious that they had the vision and the relationship with Vicem Yachts to build the kind of yachts our clients and new business required. The 125 is the first of two substantial Trumpy’s we are building for our yacht equity program.”

The arrangement plans and specifications for the new Trumpy Classic are available by emailing info@trumpyyachts.net. For more information on this Trumpy and Trumpy®Yachts other models, please contact Jim Ewing, CEO, jimewing@trumpyyachts.net.

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New Trumpy 125' Classic

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