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Top SUP Gift For The Standup Paddle Boarder

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Outside of giving a board and or paddle to an experienced or novice standup paddler what would make a good gift for him or her to better enjoy their waterborne passion?

There are a lot of accessories that can make their time on the water more enjoyable and we have selected just a few of the many possibilities.

Pup Deck SUP Traction Pad for Dogs
Pup Deck SUP Traction Pad for Dogs

Pup Deck SUP Traction Pad for Dogs

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If your paddler enjoys their time out on the water with their furry friend then the Pup Deck by Better SUP than Sorry would be a welcome gift. Dogs tend to want to ride up front on any SUP and it is the perfect place for them to enjoy the ride while not getting under your feet or in your way. One problem with many boards, however, is that the front portion of the board does not have any traction control (deck pads) as does the part where the paddler usually stands. Pup Deck takes care of this problem by providing a pad that adheres to the board and can be placed exactly where the pup likes to ride. It is available in two styles (two separate dog paw print pads and a single larger pad with paw print graphics in the four corners). Find out more at www.bettersurfthansorry.com.

MTI Adventurewear Fluid Inflatable Belt Pack PFD Life Jacket
MTI Adventurewear Fluid Inflatable Belt Pack PFD Life Jacket

MTI Adventurewear Fluid Inflatable Belt Pack PFD Life Jacket

In most places standup paddle boarders are required to either wear or have onboard a life vest. Having a vest tucked under some deck bungee might cover requirements but there is nothing safer than actually wearing one. But who wants to have a hot and bulky vest on while paddling? Lifejacket manufacturer MTI is introducing a new line of inflatable belt packs that are perfectly suited to the SUP enthusiast adding to their already capable Fluid Line. The Fluid 2.0 PFDs  now feature a buckle protector flap and whistle along with a zippered pocket on the top lid suitable for items such as keys and ID. The Race 1 also includes a multi-loop attachment point system. The Aqua OM is designed for SUP Yoga participants and includes a mini-binder to attach to the board while doing Yoga. Visit www.mtiadventurewear.com for more details.

Indo Training Board

Indo Original Color Training Package (Deck, Roller and Cushion)

For those days when it is just too windy or nasty to be out stand up paddle boarding then the gift of an Indo Board will give hours of exercise and a way to get that boarding feeling satisfied. Offering a complete line of balance training devices Indo Boards can be comprised of a cylinder or oval shaped cushion that a small board rests on. The goal is to stand on the board and work on your balance. There are combinations for basic balance exercises and even Indo Boards that simulate SUP Yoga. It is such a good trainer and effective way to work on your balance that there are even Indo Board fitness programs and Yoga board studios. They come in a large array of designs and varied styles. You can view them all along with some interesting videos at www.indoboard.com.

Thule SUP Taxi

Thule 810 Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Taxi

Transporting your SUP can be a challenge, especially if you want to hit the bar or coffee shop after a good paddle. Thefts of SUPs are on the rise and you may not feel safe leaving your board strapped to your roof rack. Thule has an elegant solution – the Thule SUP Taxi. Designed to attach to crossbars these cradles will support your SUP with an exclusive telescoping design that can accommodate boards as wide as 34 inches. The board is held down to the cradles with a built-in steel reinforced strap with a spring-loaded locking cam that is all built into the cradle. The whole system comes with matching locks that secure the cradles to the crossbars. All four locks are keyed alike. So these cradles provide security and peace of mind in securing your expensive SUP. www.thule.com.

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