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Southeast News – March 2012 – Waterfront Happenings Around the Region

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Texas’ largest canoe and kayak race will be held March 10. Houstonians of all ages are encouraged to participate in the 15-mile USCA-sanctioned race along the scenic Buffalo Bayou, whether you are entering competitively, or paddling for pleasure. Those not wanting to paddle can catch the outdoor fun and cheer on the racers. Free live music, awards ceremony, and food and drinks will be available for sale at the finish line at downtown’s Sesquicentennial Park. buffalobayou.org/regattabayou.html.


Amy Beavers of Maritime Professional Training in Ft. Lauderdale says that the new ‘STCW 2010’ convention – the Manila Amendments – has been signed and has officially started worldwide implementation. Currently, ‘STCW 95’ – the 1995 Amendments – are in effect. STCW – the ‘International Conventions on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers’ – originally enacted in 1978, was designed to be an international standard for the industry, created to help designate license qualifications across different countries own licensing ‘language’. STCW ‘Code Language’ enables a crewing agent, captain, management company or port state control official to know that the holder of such a license is actually qualified for the vessel they are on, and for the position they hold onboard.

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STCW amendments are dated based on when they are signed; there is always a two-year lag time for commencement of implementation and then a five-year total phase-in period, which will be completed in January 2017. Technically, all applications processed by the coast guard agencies worldwide should be based on this new code. However, many maritime administrations, including the USCG have not completed the final plan for the implementation of the new requirements. In the coming months we’ll examine how the changes, once established, will affect USCG licensing. For further information, see mptusa.com.


Tiara Yachts will hold an International Press Conference at the Miami International Boat Show on Thursday, February 16th, at 11:00 am, to introduce and christen the 3600 Coronet, the newest addition to the Tiara Yachts product line (ed. note: see details of the new boat in our Miami Boat Show Feature). The second Coronet in the Tiara Yachts Coronet series, the 3600 is a completely new dayboat, reflecting the design, engineering and construction heritage of Tiara. The yacht will be debuted at Booth B‐24.


Anyone looking forward to operating a motor-powered vessel, sailboat or personal watercraft on Texas public waters this year needs to have completed a state-approved boater education course if born after Sept. 1, 1993. While the new law became effective last year Texas Parks and Wildlife is out again to remind those who may have forgotten. Prior to passage of the law, only boat operators ages 13-17 had to take a boater education course.

The mandatory boater education law requires certification for anyone born after Sept. 1, 1993 who operates a vessel with a motor of more than 15-horsepower or a wind-blown vessel measuring more than 14-feet in length. While all boaters are encouraged to take boating safety education, those born before Sept. 1, 1993 are exempt from required certification.

Boaters falling under the boater education requirement will be required to carry a valid ID and documentation of having taken and passed a boater education course. Texas’ state-approved boater education courses are available as one-day classroom training or online.


“A Living History: Occupied Beaufort 1862,” Civil War reenactment, weapons demonstration and more will be on display in Beaufort, North Carolina starting March 24, 2012. Temporary Civil War Exhibit March through September and Civil War Lectures on the second Saturday of each month at 2 p.m. ncmaritimemuseum.org.

Trinity Yachts


In a global economic climate, which might merely be described as awkwardly viable, Trinity Yachts, of Gulfport Mississippi, continues to set a remarkable pace in custom superyachts, writes Amy Halsted. In 2011, Trinity completed five yachts all over 150-feet, the largest the m/y New Horizon at 242-feet. Already in January 2012, Trinity has launched the 164-foot m/y Tsumat.

Trinity is not limited to the superyacht sector, however, and their Trinity Offshore division, which designs and builds commercial tugs, offshore vessels and military patrol craft, has enjoyed success as well. Trinity remains hopeful for a strong 2012.

John Dane, Trinity’s president, says that “by having a mix of what one of our supplier friends calls ‘Guns ‘N Roses’—military and recreational vessels—we are able to sustain our workforce in an uncertain world economy.” He added, “it keeps our American employees hard at work.” For a region recently mired in environmental and economic disaster, that can only be good news.


This being our inaugural issue of All at Sea SOUTHEAST, we’d like to extend an ongoing request for contributions from our readers. It truly is the local voices that will make our publication unique, so we are always on the lookout for new talent and experienced voices. Whether you’re into writing or photography, sailing or wakeboarding, so long as you live in the Southeast and enjoy getting out on the water, we want to hear from you. Never been published before? Write your story from the heart and give it a go. We’re happy to hear from new and experienced writers and photographers alike, and are keen to help foster your style. Have a good photo that tells an intriguing story? Submit it for our “Thousand Words” featurette, which will be included monthly at the front of the magazine as a way for our readers to visually share their stories. Submit all manuscripts and proposals to andy@allatsea.net. The editorial team at All at Sea SOUTHEAST looks forward to hearing from you!

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