South Florida News: Miss GEICO Racing Retools For a Comeback


Miss GEICO Racing Retools for a Comeback
A step backward from winning multiple world championships on the Super Boat International (SBI) and Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) circuits to struggling to finish races in 2015 has led the GEICO racing team to retool its engine platform. The game plan is to start the season with four identical race engines, two on the boat and two as backups. Then, develop another pair of engines to produce additional horsepower while maintaining reliability in time to go after a 9th title at the World Championships in Key West this November.

The Miss GEICO Victory is a 50-foot high performance catamaran made of carbon, Kevlar and S-glass. It sports a pair of 1650 RACE Sterndrive engines producing 3,300 horsepower for top speeds of 200 mph. On the water, Miss GEICO is under the control of driver Marc Granet and throttleman Scott Begovich, who have been working together since the team launched in 2004.


Miss Geico Racing : MG-2plane